…..'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'…..

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

MENO YE! MENO YE! (Listen up, Peeps)

Well… it’s getting closer and closer! Yes the Blogville Awesome Retreat is next month. 


The organisers have been beavering away behind the scenes getting all sorts planned for having fun for all those who manage to attend in the furs.

However, we know that there are quite a lot of you who will not be able to make the trip and for you there are still plans for inclusion; like signing up for the Blogville Facebook group, or if you don’t subscribe to FB, you can keep track of us through the BAR blog (that link will take you there too). Then, of course, everyone who attends will have their own bloggies to fill with their personal views of all the meet’n’greet.

Your's truly is not one of the organisers as such; however, it is a great privilege in my capacity as Officer of Wellness and Concerns (OoWaC) to have been asked to perform both the planned friendship ceremony and the meeting of memoriam. There now follows an impawtent announcement...

At the BAR, there is going to be a memorial ceremony. The aim of this is, quite simply, to acknowledge the pets and peeps who have been a part of Blogville but are now departed.

This is seen as being one of the key activities of the retreat and we would really love to include as many as possible. Of course there are some for whom the separations are still too fresh, too raw… but we feel sure that many will wish to be embraced in this very physical way by those of us who are going to be at the BAR. It has been mentioned before, but now we are urging you with this memorial-specific post to put forward your names for inclusion. The main way to be part of the event is to send a photo per these instructions;
1.  Print out the photo no larger than 8x10.  
2.  Laminate your photo to help protect it in the outdoor environment.  If this is not possible, then put it in a sheet protector (cut to size).
3.  Glue or tape your photo to a cardboard backing and make sure you write the name of the person/pet on the front!
4.  Mail your photo to any of the organizers:  Cecilia, Diana. Beth or Carol.  Mailing addresses are available from the Christmas Card Exchange list. NB; if you don’t have the list, email a request for address to any of the names above.

If you are going to do this, please be aware it needs to be with the recipient of your choice by no later than May 30th! If you prefer to forward an email image to the organisers, that is okay, but the deadline remains May 30th please.

Now, we appreciate that not everyone is going to want to produce a photo, for various reasons. Therefore, the other way to be included is simply to have the names appended to a ‘roll of memory’, which will be arranged alongside the photographs that get sent. In this case, please email any of the organisers, clearly marking your message ‘MEMORIAL’, and these will be collated onto a list, nicely decorated and prepared in a similar manner to the photos. Again, the deadline for these submissions is May 30th.

Please note that there has also been a call for you to forward your ‘flat selves’ to the organisers if you wish to participate in the general activities; the photo requirements are as above. The one photo can be used for both situations, but you must request if you wish to be included in the memorial.

It is one of the beautiful things about Blogville, its sense of inclusion and participation. We hope that as many as possible will seek to be a part of this special occasion.


  1. That will be a SAD time... butt also a Joyous time as we share the GOOD MEMORIES our furends left us with.

  2. Lady may have to sit in the RV during the in memoriam part as departed pets breaks her heart like nothing else.

  3. we sure wish we could of gone to this - just to far for Mom to travel though

  4. We expect there will be some tears shed but it is impawtent to celebrate these lives!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  5. This is going to be so beautiful. Still not sure I will be able to make it, but if not, I will be there in spirit ...

  6. Sounds like fun and good memories. Wishing everyone a great time!

  7. Crikey ... Mum and I so wish we could be there but we can't so I'll have to be there in the flat. I've sent my picture off to Madi. I hope it gets there alright. Thanks, Aunty for helping her with my email address. Much appreciated!

  8. What a very loving and important thing to do! Sharing memories is such a loving way to let those who have gone to the Bridge, alive on in our hearts!

  9. We mailed our flat selves photo to Oreos mom. It is fur general activities. Not the memorandium. Thanks. Lassie and Benji.

  10. What a good idea! Fortunately we are all still alive and kicking (well, apart from Brom, he never kicks). He would have loved to be there at the BAR to meet new friends and new cuddlers and huggers. Perhaps another time!

  11. We're so glad you are able to go and to lead those ceremonies.

  12. We will be sending Angel Greta's picture for the memorial and one of us with mom for the other activities. It is wonderful that you will be conducting the memorial - we sure wish we could be there in person
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  13. Hey Yamini
    What a beautiful post...OMCs mom and dad were gone 10 hours yesterday...and were tired when they got home but OMCS when she opened the mailbox we had the bestest surprise...Charlie from DownUnder sent us a most handsome photo of Flat Charlie to take to the B.A.R. we're for sure gonna do a post about it this week.
    Hugs madi your bfff

  14. You're going to have such fun. You're such a people person!


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