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(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menolyrical; Words for Words' Sake - Final Friday Fiction Edition

...this is also a 'menogurgitation' - bloggy rerun... One thing I am noticing is that when I am in prep mode for big travels, creativity get's buried somewhere. Hence this, instead of another original. This one was a departure from my usual; am not really a romance type... but every now and then does no harm!

Friday's Flowers

Erith stood and stared at the vase of decaying roses.

Here she was on a Sunday night, trying to get herself together -yet again - in preparation for work tomorrow.  It was the same thing every weekend.  Until this moment though, she hadn't got it into her head that it was her own fault.

Hardy was just, so…  gorgeous!  An Adonis.  Action Man personified.  There he was at her door every Friday evening, red roses in hand, a bottle of bubbly and a plan for some wilderness adventure that would  also involve a lot of frisky physical exploration.  It was an adrenaline boost on all levels and she was hooked.  The man seemed to have no end to his energy.

Then it would all be over.  He'd drop her back at the flat by six o'clock Sunday evening, rarely more than five minutes adrift.  She could only recall one event that caused this scheduling of Hardy's to become unstuck.  A flat tyre is a flat tyre and every car will get one at some stage.

Hardy, though, was beside himself.  Not only the timetable became unstable that day.

Erith shuddered as she remembered the dark cloud that seemed to descend.  As this had occurred only a few weeks into the romance, she had never dared to test out the possibilities that she would have liked, such as "Do you think, Hardy, that we might extend until seven this evening?" or the giant leap of "Hardy, would you stay over at my place on Sunday?".  Something always held her back from this. 

It was now six months into the relationship and no variation at all.  Was it even a relationship?  This thought sprung upon her during the course of today and she blamed Peter for setting this doubt in her mind.

Peter "Plumply" as she liked to tease her co-worker and not-so-secret admirer. Not that he was actually that plump.  Well, not at all really.  He had a pleasantly round face which tended to give that effect.  Not the chiseled tautness of Hardy's.

Peter had, for eighteen months, been bringing Erith a single Gerbera every Monday morning to put on her desk.  He would bring a bag of chocolates to share with all others in the office, but only the one flower arrived.  He would tease her about Hardy at first.  Why she even told him about her boyfriend, she wasn't sure.  She and Peter certainly had an easy rapport with each other during office hours, and during parties or outside events they were equally at ease.  She knew he was soft on her, but he never pressed the issue or made a fool of himself - or her.

It was the latter thing which started to bring a thorn into their contact.  Peter had begun, a few weeks prior, to get more vocal about Hardy, claiming that she was, in fact, making an idiot of herself.  Finally, a month back, he let fly at her.

"Can't you see Erith?  The bloke brings you end-of-week store-bought roses that don't last two days, takes you out of your environment, uses you to his full satisfaction and drops you like a dead petal before racing back to whatever life he has elsewhere.  Do you even know what he actually does?  Then here you are on Monday, exhausted, out of sorts and living only for Friday again, sending messages he never returns.  He's some kind of pathetic automaton and you…!  You're no different from those Friday flowers, stuck in the same old vase and left to wilt!"  

Erith had been aghast.  Then, when no more gerberas came her way, she felt a stabbing inside that she could not understand.

The weekly,  home grown gerbera, brought to her on Monday and still standing by Friday.  The weekly, lovingly tended  gerbera, which was then taken back by the giver to be added to the compost, there to nurture more of its kind.  She missed those gerberas.  She missed her supportive, caring, concerned Peter and hated that he now kept his back to her. 

To hide his own pain, she realised, as her heart shriveled within her.

"Ooohhh!" Erith cried out loud.  Grabbing her telephone, she left one last message for Hardy, then wiped his number from the speed-dial.  Next she grabbed the Friday flowers and put them into an old metal tray, setting light to them.  They burned well and the ashes fitted neatly into a matchbox.  She wrapped this up in white paper and wrote 'sorry' across the top, dropping this into her handbag before going to bed.

On the way to work in the morning, she stopped to buy some gerbera seedlings.

©2013 Yamini Ali MacLean 


  1. OMD we will never look at a Gerbera Daisy the same way again. SIGH.

  2. I didn't like roses anyway!


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