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Menotripsical; BAR and Beyond - Morning Meetings

June 11th - THE BIGGEST B.A.R. DAY

Casey and Jessie with mum Andrea
REMEMBER; this is YAM's tour journal, it will differ from the tails tales of other participants. To see their views, click the links to their individual blogs!
Saturday was the central day to the Blogville Awesome Retreat. Casey and Jessie had actually arrived on the Friday - but after 13 hours driving up from Texas, they decided not to put in an appawrance until the next morning. Who can blame them for that?! We were all super-impressed that they made the trip just to be with us. They are gawjus doggies and the BESTEST kissers!!! Their mum is super fun and had bought them an entire castle as their 'rest area' in between activities.

It was hot for the dogs... one thing I had noticed on our arrival, was that there was not one single access to water around the hut area.  Efurrybuddy had to remember to bring water with them. This was something the park could improve on. (We won't mention the pit toilets... no no no). A simple standpipe with a timed tap on it would surely not have been too much to ask... oh well. Most of the dogs were happy just to loll about the concrete and in their pens with cool pads - or stylish wet-wear...

Hailey and Zaphod (left) 

Below you see Dory (L) and Arty (R)

The mayor-doods, Murphy & Stanley, with their pawrents, Carol and Bob

I met new furpals Stella Rose and Whitney (who's sister Zoe also joined)... somehow I never got a piccie of another new pal, Jester... big miss, for he is a most handsome and friendly Boston Bull Terrierist Terrier.

Frankie (R) and Ernie (L) 

Diana (Oreo's mum) had worked tirelessly to organise a surprise 60th birthday party for Carol.

A scavenger hunt was organised to take almost everyone away from the hut, till a few of us got things set up. The idea was that the women who had partners with them were blind-folded and had to be led back by those partners, collecting things on the way. On the left here, you see that Drew instructed Hailey, and Kristen in turn trusted Hailey's lead... they won the hunt!!!

It all went very well - except that neither Diana or myself could recall where she had put the big happy birthday banner... anyhoo. Bob got Carol back to base safely and then came the big reveal - which was a bit of a slow fizzer as she had walked past the table and not noticed all the stuff!
"Are we there yet?!"

"What ya all gawpin' at???" ....[oooh I did get a shot of Jester - that's him at back chatting with Zaphod!]

"Ohh, I got it now!!!"

A special Tightie-whitie walk-past.... (apparently you get into them one leg at a time...)

Diana had made pumpkin pies as the b'day cake - look at that flamework!!! There was a grand opening of pressies (efurrybuddy had contributed something on the 60 theme)... and then it was lunchtime. Whitney and Zoe's pawrents (Ellen and Ian) had brought enough potato salad and coleslaw for all - and tube-steaks for the carnivores; very generous and made for a great party feel. Diana had a couple of games organised which were all about getting to know each other better; at different times, each of the dogs was given a stretch... and then came the photo session. Talk about Menokakkul...



  1. that was a great meeting - maybe next time they need to hold it in florida - in winter - cool enough and warm enough for everyone :)

  2. Standing ovation, bravo bravo, clapping wildly.
    YaYa your photos are so clear I feel as if I am there AGAIN.
    B-cat and I 200% agree about the water and the potty. If there is a potty there there should be a sink. Thank goodness for Antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizer.

    Hugs and thank you for the lovely memories
    HiC and BCat


    HEY... before we furget... Mom and Sarge's Mom are gonna go next weekend to see the NEW... Star Trek Movie... BEYOND... and they plan to see it ONCE... eat LUNCH (WITHOUT US) and then SEE IT AGAIN.

    1. Hari Om
      OMD OMD OMD OMD OMD>>>>>>>>>>>> I'sa so filled with JELLYNESS!!!!! Actually, I'sa going through to Edinburgh for 4-5 days; might see if the father wants to come with... or just go myself! (Crikey, better check it is even on here yet....) Must admit there are some reservations about the direction they are taking the franchise... but heck; its STAR TREK people!!! (stop, YAM... breaaaattthhh...).....

    2. TREKKIES WooHoo! Live long and prosper all.
      Sweet William The Scot

  4. Great report, and yes it did take mom a moment to realise what was going on. It was a REAL surprise!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  5. Thanks for filling us in!


  6. Oh how we wish we could have been there. But the next best thing is seeing everyones pictures and reading about the memories that go with them
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  7. There are pit toilets in AMERICA????????? CRIKEY .... who knew?? Mum thought *only in Australia* for those antiquated things. We're not so far behind the times downunder after all, aye??

  8. that was a super clever idea Stella Rose had... you can beat the heat with being cleo-pug-ra :o)

  9. The photos of the BAR are great. It is sad the heat was horrid but the Old Almanac has put down that time as being hot hot in that area.
    Frankie in his whities makes me laugh.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  10. What fun! Did you ever find the birthday banner? janice xx

    1. Hari OM
      Diana found it somewhere in the back of the car! Yx

  11. Hard to believe it has been a month. Such beautiful pictures of Lee and Phod!

  12. I saw this on facebook! What fun! So happy to meet you!!!!!

  13. What wonderful memories...well, except for the pit potties ;-)!

  14. I love that picture of stella, we had to laugh when we saw it. deb

  15. Yah I HATED not to find that banner. That was central to the party!!! She loved it though so thats what was important. Great pics Yam!!

    Diana and Oreo


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