…..'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'…..

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menotripsical; BAR and Beyond - Day 1 with J&J

June 22nd, after a fine night's sleep.

A nice easy morning, drinking tea and eating fruit, watching the 'back yard'... Jenn and Joe have some 16 acres of natural bushland around them... Jenn's blog is much about that and all the critters in it as well as lots about their local area. If you haven't visited, do give it a viewing - she's got some serious photographic equipment, does some fine videos and has those tie-to-tree cameras to capture the unexpected.

Boy, I can see you now...
First order of the day was to get me to the cobblers. I have a pair of chappals (Indian-style sandals) which are ten years old and cost a bomb in Sydney all those years ago. I love them. However, the soles had decided to part company from the welt and vamp on this trip - one summer too many for them it seemed. Turns out Perth has a good old fashioned cobbler, just along from the town hall (that fine building on yesterday's view post). Time was going to be an issue, but when Joe piped up that I had travelled all the way from Scotland to bring him those sandals, it was decided they could be fixed within the two days! A very fine job it was too - they'll last another ten years. I bought a pair of moccasin slippers from there too. They are LUSH on my footsies - and were easily packed in that hand-luggage. Getting ahead of myself here.

Whilst in Perth, we paid a visit to the museum, aka Matheson House. Roderick Matheson was a Scottish-born merchant and senator in the first parliament of Canada. The staff of the museum were dressed in period and one could feel the attention and care which had been put into setting the place up as it is likely to have been when the family were resident. It was actually like peeking into a neighbour's house - until the top floor, which was much more museum-like; it held lots of fabulous exhibits, not least a whole section on the local geology. (Settle down our Bertie lad...)

That piece of Beryl on the right is a full 18-20 inches high and each face is 6 inches across! I sat for quite a while just taking in all this crystalline energy. (Later in the day we visited an actual crystal shop which had some truly gorgeous specimens... again I really had to sit on my hands!!!)

After the museum we enjoyed a very delicious meal at East Meets West. Then it was on the road for a tour of the area.

More on that tomorrow.


  1. Yam I don't think I have ever known anyone who was as talented and organized as you. My word you packed a 6 months of travel, friends and sights into a month. You must have planned and planned this trip.

    I'm so glad you found someone to repair your shoes...for they had many more miles to walk.
    Hugs Cecilia, Bryan and Madi

  2. Good job on getting those chappals back in order!

  3. Howdy!
    Yam, these photos of the museum are delightful! Being able to capture indoor photos without the flash glare or no flash blur can be so challenging. Great job. janice xx

  4. I am chuckling at your shoes!
    I must admit my time in Perth (which isn't too far away) is very short. My sister was married outside of it, so we stayed in it for a weekend. It was all wedding stuff though!

  5. Never been to Perth but do have 2 maybe 3 nieces there.
    Matheson House reminds my of Old Sydney Town, it has been closed a long time now but was always a great place to visit.

  6. the photos are soooo great! the mama once started to collect such geological treasures, but by now she has only one small piece ... not enough for open a museum :o) LOL

  7. That was such a good day! A sweater, too. Hard to believe. We're in a heat wave and drought, and would love rain! xx


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