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(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menotripsical; BAR and Beyond - Halifax At Last

Still June 25th; can you believe it took L'Ocean the best part of an hour from that initial view down the harbour to pull up in Halifax proper? This is because we had to traverse the entirety of the city to get to the station. At 10kph. On the bright side, that gave plenty of time to admire the industrial surroundings.

I adore train travel. As mentioned previously, I had hoped to do a lot more of it on this big trip. Wasn't to be. This lengthy one was also pretty pricey. Was it worth the $$$?

Hmmm.... this once, definitely. No regrets and lots of giggle-worthy memories.

Gee was I ever glad to touch that tarmac though... and the three engines were impressive. The viewing car, less so. However, couldn't linger. Needed to get to my accoms. Taxee!

I could have walked it to be honest, but it was all uphill and I still had 'train legs'. Within five minutes drive of the station is St Mary's University. I was booked into the Loyola Residence; single room with private bathroom. Very pleasant young man behind the desk. Lifts to the fourth floor. View over the playing field. My first ever gridiron match - go the Huskies!!!

Gotta tell ya 'bout that bed. Hard to tell from that piccie, but it was close to bunk height. No ladder supplied. It required some mountaineering to settle for the night. It was, however, lovely and firm.

After a sound night's kip, I rolled over to get out and had forgotten the extra depth.

Ooops. The bruising wasn't too bad.

Thus June 26th arrived with a thump.

I was pretty hungry by breakfast; having arrived after six pee emm, all the residence food outlets had closed and I just couldn't face finding my way into town for eating. Audrey and I had taken lunch on the train (all part of the ticket); mine had been delicious quiche - hers a rather poorly stroganoff - and we had again the deserts. I also had tucked away some crackers and a banana, so did not starve.

The breakfast at Loyola was part of the very excellent deal I had made for the five night stay (the whole week cost two thirds of the one night on L'Ocean...) It was an all you could eat, multi-station arrangement. Fruits, muffins, toast, cereals, porridge, all the juices you could point a thirsty dragon at, hot buffet with eggs two ways, roasties, pancakes (meats)... hot drinks... oh yeah.

Best meal of the day, is brekky.

The place was heaving. Turned out the Halifax Military Tattoo was starting the very day I was due to depart. DAAARRRRRNNNN.... had it been advertised when I booked, I would certainly have stayed longer!!! So many fine young men and not so young men and a fair few women all arriving for their rehearsals. Great atmosphere.

Back to room and ready for out. It was Sunday and the place was pretty quiet. I determined to walk down to Pier 21 and the pier markets. This was back down the hill and round the back of the train station. The Uni is set in a very pretty garden environment, so sat and meditated on the church spire for a little while before heading down the street.


  1. I have stayed in several university dorms in my travels and have always been happy. My bed in my res is probably my all time favourite:)

  2. I love traveling by train, too, I like flying, too, but there is something about the sounds of train that I love.

  3. Love all the photos on this post! We stayed in a dorm last year in Canada. It was nice just a small bed for two hefties! We survived and like the cost! Thanks for the ride on the train. We keep thinking we will do one of those. janice xx

  4. What an interesting trip you had overall. So many places off the usual North American tourist trail. (I'm currently planning the big train trip to Switzerland for Bertie and me in October).

  5. Hello, sounds like a wonderful trip. Except for starting the one day with a thump. Nice views of the university! Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  6. Eehrrm, you meditated on the church spire?? Right. Ehm. Okay. Yes.

    That bed does look high. It looks as if there were some drawers at the lower end though, are is that just fake?

    1. Hari OM
      ................hheheheheheheheheh reaching the pinnacle of bliss I wuz!!! ... yes those were ENORMOUS drawers, which I did use, in fact, as there were no hangers supplied in the wardrobe. Though there were drawers within the robe as well. It was a great room and I shall be looking to go back there at some time! Yxx

  7. that's a super comfy room, I love the chair!

  8. YaYa what a lovely place to stay (minus the tall bed..you had some memorable wild fun with showers and beds!!) And the food that made my mouth water.
    Did you have supper there too?

    B-cat loved loved all the train photos!! he says thank you.
    Hugs HiC and Bcat

    1. Hari OM
      There were no evening meals supplied at this time - though if there are conferences on, apparently they do! No need to really though, as there is a Thomas Horton's, a "C4" store and so many truly excellent restaurants within easy reach.

      Oh yes, there was plenty of railstock on view - I have shown so few piccies of it really - coz most viewers are not as keen as the YAMster on such! Huggies to y'all... Yxx

  9. There was so much you could have fit in, but you'd have been here all summer! We were so happy to see you!!! xx


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