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(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menotripsical; BAR and Beyond - Halifax Monday Meanderings

June 27th (the Monday of the title) dawned bright and fresh.

After another of those excellent breakfasts provided at the residence, I was out to get the 9am bus into town. Was headed for the ferry across to Dartmouth. Halifax is built on quite a steep 'bank' so it was all down hill from the bus to the terminal. It felt somewhat familiar; I do, after all, live where ferries are necessary. The crossing afforded a great view of the Naval Dockyard and the Halifax foreshore. At the Aldernay terminal, however, it became apparent very quickly that folk on that side of the harbour were working on a two hour delay. It was heading for 1030am and not a shop open, nor even person showing signs of being there!

The older half of the gallery complex
Found my way up to the main street, where a 'concierge' was at the entry. My question as to where everyone was brought a rather French-style shoulder shrug! Oh well, better head back... decided to do this by bus. It is a good service. Caught the #65 almost immediately on the other side of the street which took me to the Bridge Terminus. Off there to connect with the #1 over the Angus MacDonald Bridge, along Barrington - where I got off at the point I knew took me again down to the ferry terminal - and a number of food outlets.

The 'new' half - 1930s
It was too early for lunch though... and anyway, got distracted by some architecture *ahem*. It took a few moments for me to twig that I was at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. A happy find. On paying my entry, enquired as to photographic policy; "No problem!" sparked the bright young thing behind the desk, "No flash please."

Right-oh then. Of course, what she neglected to point out was that there was a fee schedule for 'reproduction' or 'publication' of the images. I know this because I checked their website. I'm good that way. It is, after all, standard practice. At between $15 and $30 per image, you will understand my not sharing the images here on the bloggy with you, as that would be 'reproduction' or 'publication'.

I started on the top level of the new building, as instructed. There, an exhibition of Gulls and Fishes... and other shore and sea stuffs, including some very fine arts of Native Peoples. Most of the items dated from mid to late 20th century and there was definitely an undercurrent of humour. Now, I must tell you, this exhibition was very much to my taste and I would have almost any one of the items on display in my own home... almost.

There was a very impressive display of young peoples' art, and works by those afflicted with autism. There is a permanent exhibit of Maud Lewis' works ... and her house - the entire thing would fit into my lounge twice over and still have air around the pair of them. There was a little film about her too. I bought the DVD at a cost greater than my entry ticket. It turns out to be available free of charge. It is only 10 minutes. Do go over and watch it. I have. Several times.

This was all in the 'new' building. In the lower level, there was a link through to the 'old' side and there was a temporary exhibition called 'Terroir - Surveys of Nova Scotia'. All recent works by NS artists, arising directly from their experience with the landscape of the province. There was rather less here that I would have put my hand up for - but it still left quite an impression.

The remainder of the gallery was much as one expects from galleries the world over. I thoroughly enjoyed my couple of hours there. Also was hungry by the end of it so had my lunch in Pavia; thick, lush, tomato and basil with feta cheese crumble and home-baked sourdough bread.  Rather heavenly and enough to revive me for the walk down to the shorefront once more, just to sit and people watch.

Like the whale.


  1. Your trip was just wonderful!
    stella rose

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to your photo album.

  3. Hello, sounds like a great trip! I enjoyed the photos and tour!

  4. I have been astounded by all the wonderful bridges and waterways not to mention architecture you found on your travels
    Hugs madi and mom
    PS heading to your album

  5. You do get around you must be the most travelled person I know.

  6. I agree with Madi, love all the bridges and waterways. The feta, tomato, and basil treat sounds delicious, too!

  7. I love to discover the world with you... and it is amazing how much english&french things come together in canada... I always discover something what reminds me of things I saw on different sides of the channel :o)

  8. Oh, Yam, with respect, I think you do a disservice to the artists by posting photos, even theoretically privately. (Anyone could hack in, and steal them.) You could be sued, as well. Many of my professional artist friends would agree. I am not going to look. /two cents xx

    1. Hari OM
      Thanks for the 2c's... matter addressed. Yxx


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