'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Me-noo-oot-an-aboot; Jus' Cruisin'

Whilst over in Edinburgh, the stay got extended from eight days to a full fourteen - main reason being that Star Trek; Beyond started its run on the 22nd and the father actually said he would come with... woohoo! Getting the ol' fella off his perch is a bit of a challenge these days, so this was a delight. What is more, he stayed awake through the whole movie. If I tell you that we went to the 00:01 showing (yes, read 'midnight'), you'll know this was major.

Don't fret, this is not going to turn into a critique; suffice to say it gave more than I had expected of it, but there are concerns in my head at the Roddenberry vision being subtly 'blended' somehow. Still, a rollicking good night.

Anyhoo, that extended time also allowed me to take the father on a run down to Hawick, in the Borders, to visit with an aunt who had just returned home from a four month stint in hospital due to MRSA or similar infection following hip replacement surgery. It is about a 90 minute drive down there and it was a pretty day, with a stiff wind. It was another coup, that he agreed to make the trip. I cookered up the lunch the night before and packed it for reheating down there. We only stayed a couple of hours then headed back up the 90 minutes.

Finally, though, after many many many years, I made a point of stopping at a sight which has always fascinated me and, because I was never in charge of the vehicle till now, had not been able to visit.

In the little market town of Stow, about half way between our destinations, the Gala Water gushes its way towards the River Tweed (joining it at Galashiels). A few centuries back, most of the excitement was on the West side of the water - but the church was on the East.

If you biggify that you will read that the original church of the village was plundered for building materials to ensure the bridge was made. What you may not be able to read is the small print bottom right... there was also a 'subscription' process whereby local merchants and farmers could invest in the building of the bridge to ensure their business interests. To this day, locals still call it the subscription bridge, but it is also known as the 'bridge to heaven', due to the fact that many folk could now easily cross the water and attend church. Thus the merchants, in aiding this, also stored up spiritual merit! (There has been a place of worship established there since the 7th century - indeed the full name 'Stow of Wedale' is likely to be an adaptation of middle English meaning 'meeting place of the shrine in the valley'.)

Right, having given this history lesson, better show what the Fudge made of it. We were against the light a bit...

Couldn't really do more than this as had left Little Ren's engine running... had asked the father if he didn't fancy a walk across and a wee guddle for trout. I just got a 'witherer'. That was a bridge too far, apparently.


  1. The grands saw Star Trek and pronounced it OK.
    I have a long mental list of places to stop and photograph when I am on the proper side of the road, have time, remember where they are, etc. Some day.

  2. Please sit down...neither of us have seen any of the Star Wars movies.
    Yikes I hope you didn't faint.
    We are so glad you dad went with you and you had a lovely side trip.
    The scenery is gorgeous
    Hugs HiC and B-cat

  3. What a beautiful bridge!!! stella rose

  4. Mimi says she loves that bridge. Thanks fur showing it to us.
    From Vancouver,
    Louis Dog Armstrong

  5. I love the bridge and I'm great it is stll there... have you visited mary kings close too? the mama always dreams to visit this place, but I'm not sure if I'm brave enough to see it with her :o)

    1. Hari OM
      Sadly I have not been to the understreets of Edinburgh; the very nature of the set up is such that accessibility is limited to those with fully functioning legs! Tell you mum that you all should come and visit - and I can do the dog sitting whilst she and dad do the touring!!! Yxx

  6. What a story! Good for you for getting pop out and about. That's what JB does for me. I like being house bound!
    (ツ) from Cottage Country Ontario , ON, Canada!

  7. Good Day, YAM
    Such a lovely old bridge! And congratulations on getting to drive and visit this place. What age is pop? janice xx


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