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(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menodeco; the YAMster Wields Tools


It's been a while since any major handywork was done by yours truly. There was a time when I took on all the home decorating; wallpaper, wood-work, hanging doors... you name it, you can be sure the super-talented DIY duo that were the Ma'n'Pa ensured that all their offspring could also fix up their cars and keep the roof from flying off.

When I got over to Edinburgh this week, I found that the father had - finally - got a man in to howk out the over-grown garden and had it laid to bark and simple shrubs. Then there was another man to replace rotten windowsills and repaint all the windows and the front door.

"Why did you not get him to paint the garden gate?" asks I.

"Didn't think to," says the father.

The dear ol' pa has been a bit lost without the ma. She's been gone six years and one month, and each night he still strokes the photo of her on the bookshelf as he puts out the living room light. He's always been good with the material upkeep of things, but the truth is ma was the 'driver'. Grass never grew beneath that woman, never mind moss.

Macs1, 2 and 3 have all done their bit here and there. This week though, it was my turn to be able to contribute some blood, sweat and tears.

Well... maybe not blood. Not much sweat and definitely no tears either, come to think of it, but physical effort was definitely required and this arthriticky ol' bod sure knows it has been busy outside its usual! On Sunday arvo the sun had come up trumps with one of those amazing early autumn days that can trick you into thinking summer's back. We got down those stairs and out came the screwdriver to remove the metal-ware from the gate. Then it was out with the electric brush sander. Oh yeah, that's a beast!

An undercoat of vinyl was applied and allowed to rest overnight. Monday arvo, it was back out with the brush and into the first coat of the oil gloss. Each coat taking about two hours. No hurrying in paintwork. Weather was not so bright and cheerful, but still dry and good painting weather. The father footered around the worker in case of any need. An order was placed for Earl Grey tea and fruit scone. He's good at tea.

Tuesday arvo, it was out again. Ostensibly this was the topcoat going on now - but I am inclined to think another finishing coat wouldn't go amiss. However, that is just being perfectionist. The father's pleased, Neighbour M is pleased (that's her garden adjoining) and thus all is right at this Edinburgh home. Added to the Tuesday work was a scarifying and mowing of the grass and a major trim of the rampant horseradish. Note the flying leaves!

It was a much more autumnal day, Tuesday, but still rather lovely, compared to all the wild weather of September over West.  Lots of hot showers and heatpacks for the growling spine, but am pulling up okay and it is grand to be of use to the father. He can be hard to do things for a lot of the time, but as the Parkinson's progresses, he is getting that wee bit better at allowing help. Not quite at the stage of asking for it yet, but at least doesn't reject it so vehemently as before.

We sat on the garden seat and admired all the work and smiled at each other with few words.

The berries and the fruit smiled too.


  1. Bravo! Well done and we like the green color! Mom hates to paint but said a small project might be okay BOL!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  2. Love the green gate!

    Aroo to you,

  3. Every time he looks at the gate he will think of you. What a happy thought!

  4. Great job in the garden. And the apples look tip top. Like Murphy and Stanley's Mom, I confess to not being a fan of painting, and I think a small garden gate is about my limit.
    Cheers! Gail.
    PS Those quiet moments smiling with your father are something to treasure.

  5. Well done. And, I see no drips on the walk.

  6. Good job a bit of paint always brightens everything up.

  7. well done!!! and I smile like the apples and the berries... green is my favorite color!

  8. Yam!!! Bravo Bravo you have a second career in gate painting. I love the color and oh the pretty berries.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  9. Good work by all!
    The kids are here, Sunday, and Caitlin cleared the eaves for me. Whew!


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