…..'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'…..

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menosukhi Monday

Long-term readers will know that menosukhi is about fond memory, melting heart, a little nostalgia or a soppy happening. It verges just the right side of maudlin, for the YAMster is not an overly emotional being.

Sorting through some piccies last week (trying to come up with something to help the father with the calendar he likes to produce each year), I happened upon a file which had kinda been ignored for a while. Just a few pretty shots in there... but also this.

It struck me with some force that it was already three years and one week since I had left Sandeepany ashram. Crikey. Where did those 1100 days go???

It is rare for me, but there was one of those moments which definitely crossed the line into maudlin and it took a bit of self-management to bring it back to merely menosukhi. It had been such a blessed and focused time, those two plus years in Mumbai. To a large extent, the sattvika life has been maintained. One of the reasons for choosing Scotland's West coast is that it is out of the way and one can simply 'be', without too much of the world invading one's psyche. That said, it is also very difficult to keep it at bay.

When staying with the father, it is hard even to maintain daily prayers and dietary restrictions. Vegetarianism is never lost, but there are certainly more of the processed and 'nonsense' foods here. As mentioned last week, the festival of Navratri has been on the go - today is final night and tomorrow is day of feasting.

The menosukhi deepened the more for not being able to stick to fast and proper foods for the week. This is not to blame the family situation; it is to say that one must work around and with the situation. The simplicity of ashram living has been lost.

Then there is the wondering what is there to show for those three years? Well, perhaps am being a bit hard on myself. The teaching bloggy did get up and running and continues well. That is another box ticked. Further travels; box also ticked. However, these are secondary to the spiritual path and for the personal saadhana, this little review has to face up to the fact that not as much progress has been made as might have been. A little too much Star Trek and not enough astral travel!!! Soon it will be Deepavalli and this will be the time to reset one's spiritual goals. Need to get my list started...

This was the little moment of menosukhi. It is being mended. Thanks for listening.

YAM xx


  1. Yam....I bet you HAVE more TO SHOW than you have had time to remember and for sure you LOVINGLY TAUGHT A LOT OF FOLKS

  2. Certainly it is a challenge to live the way in the city. I was in Toronto TH/Fri, and was SO glad to arrive home! There is learning in the living well. Also in forgiving oneself for slips, I think. With family one must compromise! xx

  3. I think I know what you mean, just on a different scale. I remember a couple different times where I really felt spiritually connected and alert. But now it seems like they may have been dreams because things are very different now.

    Your Pals,

    Mom of Murphy & Stanley

  4. I think, Yam, our best effort is as appreciated as our best.

    1. The older you get the faster time moves, and home is where the heart is both very true for me anyway.

  5. I agree with you... to choose a place where you can simple "be" is a very good decision!!!

  6. Yes, it can be hard to keep to one's routine in a different environment, so we hope you find ways to keep to your peaceful life even in midst of change.

  7. Possibly spiritual life is similar to losing weight. One can reach a plateau where the body refuses to let go of the fat. A day or two 'off diet' tells the body you are not starving it and it again lets go of the extra fat reserves. The spirit is reminded of 'the old ways' and how they are not the better part of life. Peace and blessings for your continued journey.

  8. I respect your quest to live such a spiritual life.


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