…..'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'…..

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menoreview... or a bit o' tidying up

Good grief, no sooner did yesterday's menoloopal, than one opens up Voo-voo the Vaio this morning to find that the Blogger dashboard has been "bumped"... what kinda terminology is that?! I am not clear at this point of immediate reaction as to what exactly the benefit is supposed to be. Watch this space... there will be more etherwobblie posts!

A few final things in relation to the 'auld biddies road trip' aka "KaYAMs and Li'L Ren oot and aboot on the sheep tracks"...

Thought you might be interested that I worked out we travelled 702 miles in total (1130kms, if you prefer the metric). This is according to G-maps and may be out by a couple of miles here or there, but let's just go with that, eh?! 

The breakdown is;
Dunoon to Broadford = 227
Broadford to Ullapool = 100
Ullapool to Scourie/Culkein(s)/Lochinver return = 139
Ullapool to Dunoon via MacK Cairn = 236

We were on the road for 8.5hrs on day one so this breaks down to 26.7 miles per hour covered, inclusive of meal and viewing stoppages.
Day two = 20 miles per hour covered (5hrs road time)
Day three = 21.4 miles per hour covered (6.5hrs road time)
Day four = 31.5 miles per hour covered (7.5hrs road time)

..or over all, average of 26mph inclusive of stop times; or, if you prefer, an average 175.5 miles per day.

You'll note that it was nine miles longer coming the centre road back, but it was an hour faster due to being able to drive closer to general speed limit... and we made less stops! The thing is, for those of us used to travelling the wide open, straight and level roads of the American and Australian continents, this looks nothing. It demonstrates how challenging those sheep tracks are!

On another matter, Dora was interested in the make up of the Bonny Land. Y'know, the rocks and formation and stuff. I said that I would ask our resident boffin about it. In his turn, Bertie referred me to some posts that he had done six years back... just how much geological information you can glean from this post is open to debate. Hint, you are looking for words such as Lewisian and gneiss and quartz... with a lot of entertainment along the way  
Poor Bertie. It was early days in his blogging career and he had all that bright, sparky angst of the recently graduated to share his knowledge. It was a learning curve for him, as can be witnessed by the followup post. (..and why am I now getting images of warm European lakes and hunky Hollywood he-men flashing by???)

In addition to the boffin's contribution, I might also point you to this page, which discusses the recent discovery that the region around Ullapool was hit by a massive asteroid in long ago history (something like 87 rillion years or something) - and it was not unlike that which wiped out the dinosaurs - only not quite so disastrous.... weeeellllll... in the top 20 of asteroid hits globally anyway. So it was BIG. That page also has some pretty piccies and a very neat geo-map.

Any other questions?

Did you think I'd furgotten this impawtant event???  CERTAINLY NOT...

I am most thankful for the life granted me; for the opportunities received whilst living it; for the many, many people who have shared different parts of it with me, whether for long or short times.

Most of all, this year, much thanks must go out to all of you in Blogville, for being the most wonderfurs, beautimous, astonishingly talented, warm and quality peeps, pups, kitties, birds, crabs... a YAMster could ever hope to call as friend!!! I also thank the Mayor-elect, Arty, for inviting me to continue in the Office of Wellness and
Concerns. I hope to continue to bring you fun, but important and useful info for computing, health, environment and so on.
I never knew when I began this blogging lark how valuable it would become to my daily life. Thank you all my dear readers and blogpals. Mornings would not be the same without you!!!


Please note this is supposed to be a blog-hop, but the code caused trubs when trying to publish - so do hop over to DORY'S PLACE and see who else is joining in!!!


  1. Oh YaYa....beautifully said and oh so true. It is still very hard to believe all the wonderful friends we "FINALLY" met at the BAR!!! As when we have met all our friends on our blogs they have been delightful and OMCs when we met those at the BAR the were in FACT very delightful. What a year. The first sentence of your thanks touched my heart.
    you put some miles on yourself and your car this year.
    I hope your sciatica is getting better
    Hugs HiC, B-cat and Madi-cat

  2. Oh yes, well said, and thank you for the reminder that there have in fact been many things to be thankful for in 2016!
    PS But Bertie is distraught at the implication that his blog posts on Highland Geology field trip might be, well, a wee bit lacking in terms of educational content...

    1. Hari OM
      Oh Dear Bertie lad, be not concerned, your posts were full of the education of life - and yes, geology. I simply fear there was rather a lot of distraction for you all, Scotland being the home of whisky and shortbread... and bus-gobbling bogs... You have proven yourself over and over since then and this week's Pee-hD was worthily won!!! Hold yer heid high wee man... Huggies, Yxx

  3. I do not like what Blogger has done. Worse yet, it happened right before my eyes. As soon as I figured out how to navigated, in a very rocky way, I decided to watch for your fix. Hmmmm....
    Thank you for your good wishes; you have a good day and we will enjoy Thanksgiving.

  4. Yes, it is amazing how writing a blog changes our lives. We take our pals with us though our lives! Sounds like we better check the dash out!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  5. WE LOVE what you Said... butt we HATE what BLOGGER has done to us... UGH... we just don't like it one bit... BUTT we DO say we are THANKFUL to have met you in the furs...

    1. Hari OM
      HAPPY THANKSGIVING DEAR FURIENDS!!! I have been doing several posts today over the three blogs... still very early days, but I must say that it does cut down a bit of the flitting about I would normally have to do between posts and reading and such. It doesn't look particularly intuitive at the moment (and almost certainly there will be further tweaks), but for me it just might possible work better from the multi-tasking point of view. As most folk only have one blog, though, any true benefit is a bit debatable!

      Anyhoo, you be sure to do justice to that turkey tomorrow!!! Yxx

  6. Yes, blogging has really helped me get my life back together!
    I've met so many fun people, like you!!! xx

  7. ODM, I finally found your bloggie!!! I have been lookin' for it forevers, butts I could never find it! geesh. I thinks Maybe Ma's jinx had somethings to do with it...
    Anyhu, I told Ma to bookmark it so I can keep up with you!
    Ruby ♥

  8. Thanks to you for being a part of blogville and for being you... I love to travel with you and to see the world through your cam... maybe you can become the Blogville Travel Minister? We saw a documentary about the area of Ullapool... it was super interesting and I remember that they said said the impact released energy the equivalent to 1,million?/billion? tons of TNT...impressing...

  9. I am having no end of problems with this new reader on blogger - sigh!
    I am thankful for getting to meet you in person this year. You are one of the most wonderful and loving people I have ever had the pleasure to know. I hope 2018 brings me to your bonnie land to see you again. Happy Thanks Day!

  10. In Norway there are only a few motorways, all other roads are ehm... not. In fact, the major European through roads will on occasion go right across someone's farm yard! I kid you not! Driving the 70 kilometers (45 miles) to Stavanger takes about 90 minutes. That includes the ferry though. If you want it without ferry, it will probably take you about three days.

  11. Yes, the US has a lot of great roads. I can assure you there are plenty of what we call cow paths. Hubby and I have traveled to the end of a few of them when the Jeep was new and we were 15 years younger! I keep getting offers for my own site. I guess I will stay as is till it threatens to eliminate the posts. So pleased to have the blogville friends, too. janice xx


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