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Menotouring; Showing off The Bonny Land #2

After Oban, we headed up via Fort William, along Loch Linnhe and Loch Lochy, then turned West via Loch Garry, Loch Loyne, Loch Cluanie and Loch Duich; at the head of the latter, is the very famous Eilean Donan castle. Even if you don't know the name, you know the scene. We didn't reach that till it was nearly dark (1800h), but a passable image was captured. Then it was onwards via Kyle of Lochalsh and Bridge to Broadford, on the Isle of Skye. For those of you who enjoy the maps thingy, try this link... You can move it up and down to find our starting point and have fun locating the names already mentioned and still to come.

En route, we just had to stop for this 'gloaming' shot and it happened to be by the Commando Memorial (near Spean Bridge).

That's a rain drop on the lens, giving that slightly ethereal light to the statues.

There was a stiff and icy wind blowing up there, so we didn't hang around too long.

We didn't even get a piccie of the Skye bridge, because it was fully dark by the time we were on it. The Broadford hotel was beckoning, as was a full meal... which turned out to be the longed-for fish and chips! The hotel did a truly great job of that.

The welcome was warm and friendly and very helpful... the bright young thing who was the waitress offered to cart our bags up the two flights of stairs (!) and thankfully there were strong bannisters for this pair of auld biddies to haul their bodies up behind her. The room was bright, clean, warm - but bed a bit soft, so the YAMster did her thing of sleeping on the floor. Had the best night's rest and we both availed ourselves of the AMAZING breakfast which was included in the tariff. Norma and her team run a fine place and we would highly recommend it to anyone going to visit the island. We were sorry our stay had to be so short!

We lingered briefly before hitting the road again... but more on that next Monday.

Our room was the one with the windows at top, over the entry and to the right, beside the chimey -
it was an 'L'-shape, hence the double aspect.


  1. Eilean Donan Castle gets photographed a lot, but your picture is simply magnificent.
    Cheers, Gail.

  2. YaYa what a lovely post and the pictures....beautiful in spite of the rain you are a magician. Oh dear a soft bed. did you have to work you magic on the shower nozzles too? LOL
    Hugs HiC

    1. Hari OM
      HAHA!!! No, am glad to report that there was a walk-in, very modern and easily operated shower! Yxx

  3. Visiting there is on my bucket list - my grandfather was Scottish - I would love to see where he grew up

  4. YAM, that first photo is breathtaking! The entire series in very well done. Anyone can get a photo of a castle in the daytime but it takes a special person to get such a good shot in fading light. peace, my friend, janice xx

  5. What beautiful contrasts...rainy gray to brilliant sunset colors...What a fun day, too love the monument and the castle lighting is just beautiful!!

  6. The top photo and the one of the castle are my favourites. You could make your own calendar!!!

  7. How muchfun to have a traveling companion!

    Mentouring, indeed! xx

  8. Crikey Aunty ..... you sure know how to pull at Mum's heart strings. She has been to a lot of those places but many, many years ago and very fleetingly. She remembers Loch Linnhe very well as she and Dad stayed at a little B and B overlooking it. Everyone calls her Lynny so that was the main reason they stayed there and also it was quite late and they had not prebooked accommodation. It was quite the experience. Matter of fact she's going to do a post just for you about it. It was very funny!! Oh and congratulations to Fudge. He sure knows how to take pictures, aye?? Or is Fudge a sheila. I don't think I've ever asked before??


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