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(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menotouring; Showing off The Bonny Land #9

Saturday October 29th dawned full grey and grim. We didn't worry, the day before had given us all we'd hoped and then some. In spite of the overcasting, the light on the water was lovely. As we left the FBI, there was still no staff member to be found (honestly, were it not for the need of a key, one could come and go there entirely unnoticed!), so I just stuck the key beside the closed reception window and we left.

This trip was to be the full run back to Dunoon in the one day, but with a small side trip to try and locate a monument to a famous MacKenzie for Kay. As I had planned that we would take the 'inner road' back anyway, which is the major North-South route (which zig-zags from West to East and back again...sigh...), factoring in the extra little zig to our zag was no biggie. (Are you needing that maps link again???)

We set off down the A835 towards Inverness, but cut off down through Beauly to Drumnadrochit, mid-shore Loch Ness. By this time the sun had again emerged and the autumn colours were popping, as was the reflection off the water.  At Invermoriston, we hooked right on the A887, almost all the way to Bun Loyne junction.

There was no warning. I drove right past it. Thankfully, there was no traffic in that moment, so an emergency stop and speedy reverse job brought us back to the lay-by. In case you can't biggify or read this, click here for info.

From here we turned onto the A87 Invergarry road, then rejoined the A82 and stuck to that all the way down to Tarbet, past the upper parts of Loch Lomond - another one crossed of the list. We had to cross Rannoch Moor... wild and bleak and hauntingly beautiful. It was made a bit more special when I spotted a car up ahead on the long straight flash its brake lights. Strange. Then a minute later I was doing the same and the car behind me was not happy - till he saw what I saw; a magnificent red deer stag, five-pointer antlers, right at road's edge. He was trying to get across to a hind on our left. She took off when we stopped and he thought better of trying to cross and loped away on the right. A moment to savour.

As we drove past Loch Garry, however, there came another urgency to stop - along with about every other vehicle on this road. Why?.........

Seriously - who could keep driving past that??!! Here's another...

When we finally got back on home turf, there was just enough light to stop at Jubilee point, a place you have seen photographed here on several occasions. That evening though, it was a wee bit special - just like at Loch Garry.

Magical, that's what it was. What a great little flourish for the end of the big drive.

We got parked, unloaded, I got a good home-cooked meal on the go and then it was packing time for Kay and a little down time before bed.

On the Sunday, we had a leisurely morning, cooked brekky, lots of tea and chatter. At 11:15 we set off for the ferry. This gave us plenty time to walk down to the promenade and along, giving Kay a bit more of a feel for Dunoon before we headed over the water (foot ferry this time) and onto the train from Gourock to Glasgow. At Central station Kay picked up her tickets for onwards journies, we toileted, ate late lunch and then I saw her round the corner to her hotel.

Farewell dear blogpal - it was such fun!!! In case you missed Kay's bloggy link from first post, then here it is again. Or look for it in the Worthylogues blogroll... the Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel. She'll post about the trip in her own time.


  1. Oh my word Yamini...your photos are gorgeous and Oh my yes you had to stop at that breathtaking Loch Garry. Kay must have been overwhelmed with joy at all the things she saw all because of your KINDNESS and love of travel and adventure.

    Hugs Madi and Cecilia

  2. Stunning, what lovely scenery
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. Wow! You hit the jackpot! What beautiful photos too! BUTT mo thought at furst that was a giant pinecone. Sometimes she embarasses us!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  4. Crikey ..... what to say?? Those photos were just something else, aye?? I can't wait to see Kay's version of events. What a lovely time you had and the weather looked great.


  6. so beautiful!
    Mr Bailey Hazel & Mabel

  7. WOW!! That was so pretty. No wonder everyone stopped!!


  8. Why did we not see anything so magnificent. The only animals I ever see are squirrels and chipmunks and if I am lucky a very far away deer!

    The photos are beautiful again and how nice to meet a namesake of Kay's. Family?

    1. Hari OM
      No blood relation to Roderick, as he was an Edinburgh man... but still a famous MacKenzie is worth the visit; I appreciated it for the historical importance! Yxx

  9. your photos are so super great!!! and I loved to read the story of roderick mackenzie. I'm anyway a fan of all the things of the past what happened in scotland or uk. I thought to watch the tv show outlander can be interesting, but after 20 minutes I gave up... I never saw such a ...

    1. Hari OM
      BOL... no, that show, based on equally silly novels, bears no relevance to honest history - never mind the time-travel nonsense!!! That said, there are some folk who are just "tartan blind" and suck it up like their favourite tipple. Each to their own... Scottish history is romantic enough without having to be embellished!!! Yxx

  10. So much fun... We have snow today!


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