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Menoffagainorrhoea; YAMster's outta da hutch!

..well, actually I'm back; but I was oot'n'aboot last week. I was off to meet up with ... yes, some of you guessed it... our Blogville Boffin!

Let me begin by mentioning that in the three weeks from when we first organised ourselves right up to the day before our travel, we had been getting the most amazing, extremely cold, but very bright and clear weather. Perfect for sightseeing. On the Tuesday morning I awoke to a complete change of weather and the need for full lighting in order to see anything. This is how the day looked last Tuesday.....,,,  Sigh.


Never mind. Off L'il Ren and I went, tootling up past Loch Lomond...


... and on up through Crianlarich, sharp right turn and continued to Killin. We were to meet for lunch, 1pm-ish, at the little cafe called Under The Tea Cup. I arrived in the town at fifteen minutes past midday. This was grand, as it gave me time to haul the Fudge and the umbrella along from the car park to photograph the very fine and famous Dochart Falls...  I took time to figure out how to place the interactive map right here; now you can zoom in and out to your heart's content!

I parked down the little 'hook' behind the Capercaillie Bar.

"Fingal Stone".... 'tis a mystery.
... or ought that to be 'mist-err-eh'?
After taking in the water, I traipsed back down the main street, spotting the cafe, the school, the bank, the aged care home and down to the outdoor centre... zoom that map, they're all there! At that point I turned back and wandered back up to the cafe, thinking all the time that surely B&G must be very close. As it turned out, when I got into the warm and could pull out the mobile phone, they had indeed parked right where I had been, barely seconds after I left!

Bertie could not enter this cafe, but waited for us in the car. Gail and I enjoyed a most wholesome, home-made tomato soup with toasted sandwiches and then a cuppa. Bertie was glad to see us back though, and hopped out of the car keen to check out the little park up behind the street.

A short walk we had, to the 'Fingal Stone'. It stretched our legs at least.

We decided to head for our accommodation. The Luib Hotel is back along the A85, at Ledcharrie. This was a fascinating place for a number of reasons... but I am going to hand you over to Bertie and Gail for the review on this one!!! I shall pick up the story on Thursday.


  1. AW! Cute pup. I love your travels.
    I'm still stuck home with this cold.
    We have snow now, 10 - 15 cm expected. Whatever! Winter, bring it on. The fire is on. The house is warm. xo

  2. A lovely stay. That 9:30 am cloud is text book "lowering."

  3. The 'Fudge' did an excellent job in capturing the atmosphere of a dank December day in Central Scotland!
    Bertie is still pining for the Luib Hotel.

  4. How wonderful to meet up with Bertie & Gail! Loved those photos, now to check out the map . . .

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  5. YaYa Clapping wildly for this exciting post. OMCs that first photo of the sky was amazing. I'm glad you had a good drive to Aberdeen...bouncing over to Bertie's now
    Hugs madi and Mom

  6. That's it .... the wars on again with Fudge. Mum's oooooohing and ahhhhhing like you wouldn't believe and you got to see BERTIE and his little, cute, rear end. Mum said that ..... not me!! She's got a real thing going for Bertie. He looks just like our Lucy only he's a bloke of course. Crikey ..... you sure didn't have much bright light happening, aye, but even I have to say that countryside sure looks pretty. I'm off to hear Bertie's side of things now.

  7. How exciting!! What lovely scenery, I just love your bridges!!

  8. that's great that you discovered this fab place together...and I love the tuesday morning sunrise...

  9. Hello, gorgeous scenery and photos. The first sky shot is lovely. I am glad Bertie was allowed on the trip. Happy Monday, enjoy your day!

  10. Not Father Christmas then? Well, I guess Bertie is just as good!

    Brom from Norway

  11. You post such beautiful photos of your country.

  12. Good evening/morning, YAM,
    Been out of pocket for a few days attending a family Christmas celebration in another state. The photos in this post are fabulous! janice xx


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