Menoracular; On Higher Teaching pt 5

For many of you all this talk of Pradeep and Sandeepany and swamijis and Gurujis may seem exotic and fancyful and you might be wondering what the YAMster is on about! However, all the trimmings and displays aside, remember that the driving force of YAM and those of the Chinmaya Mission (amongst several other similar institutions), is the Sanskrit philosophy of Advaita Vedanta... the Knowledge system which culminates in the understanding of 'all is one and One is All'. It even incorporates its own vision of what is currently referred to as the Big Bang theory, only it was envisioned and deducted through reasoning and observation by the Rsis (rishies) of millennia past.

We like to think that WE are the BEST generation, the THINKING generation and so on. However, only by delving properly into these ancient teachings does one come to understand that there is truly no original thought and that the thinking patterns and standards of the human race are no greater now than they were six thousand and more years ago. All that is happening is that we are developing the external equipments which can measure and annotate everything which can be seen, or even 'not seen', yet still be of the material existence. These are beginning to prove what the Rsis postulated.

Sadly, in the rush for all this empirical evidence, we have cut away and even abolished any notion of the subtlest of existences. For those with no other way, it is referred to as 'God'. Vedanta does not call it so - but allows for all the possibilities that everyone needs as they fight their way up the intellectual ladder to finally reach the understanding of OM, Brahma and the emergence of 'it all'. ...please do not mistake this for condescension, it is simple statement of how things are and these things are written - and they are far from 'new age'!

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There are many great statements in the teachings, but there are four key ones - the Mahaavaakyas. These are the cornerstones of the advaitic scholar and also the way-markers for one's inner and intellectual progress. They are not mere words, they are to be experienced, through study, deep and meaningful contemplation, meditation.

One of the gems at the new Pradeep centre is a small set of 'temples' through which one can move, lingering and meditating as one does so, upon each of these Supreme Statements.

प्रज्ञानं ब्रह्म / prajnaanam brahma; 
Consciousness Alone IS.

Through logic and experimentation of all their theories of the material world and the human critter, the Rsis determined, finally, that there is one unifying force/energy/presence upon which all that we perceive is at play... just as we, at our base, animal level, have a concept that "I am", so there is a single and stable "I AM" which is aware of All. It is of the nature of consciousness, subjective in nature and thus will ever elude all attempts to seek it materially.

Everything which manifests as 'existence' is but a reflection of that Universal Consciousness principle. IT is the background energy, the substratum, upon which all this sits and acts and is the power behind all the process of change.

Consciousness (Brahma) ever was, ever is and ever shall be.

At some point Consciousness became Self Aware and Existence (materially) manifested. The sound which arose at that point was OM. It is the background music of the universe.

When the sadhak has contemplated fully upon this statement, when it is solid and clear and accepted fully and s/he can comprehend the length and breadth of it, then it is time to progress to the next of the list... which we shall see on Wednesday ❣


Murphy said...

It is quickly apparent that I haven't even found the intellectual ladder much less made it to the first rung lol! You reminded me that there is nothing new under the sun (Ecclesiastes 1:9).


Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
NB...nothing wrong with that intellect of yourn! The biblical verse is spot on in reference to this post. (Just as an aside and referring to yesterday's post, Eccles. 9:1 is also very pertinent!) The higher learning is all about us, we just have to prepare ourselves for receiving it!!! I thank you for taking the time to read, because I know these posts are a bit beyond the usual on this bloggy!!! Yxx

Madi and Mom said...

YaYa you make me think and that is a good thing...hugs

Hailey and Zaphod and their Lady said...

Agree with HiC - you make this atheists brain think:) K10

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari om
That's the way! Gurudev, Sw. Chinmayananda, was the greatest sceptic and a declared atheist. If his giant intellect was convinced of the truth of these teachings, then we of much duller brilliance do well to pay attention! :-) Yx

Janice Adcock said...

And there is nothing new under the sun. janice xx

Mark Muller said...

that was great to read and to find back to my inner consciousness...

Mara said...

I must admit, I got lost. I am sorry, because you do try and explain it in such a way anyone could understand.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari om
Well done for sticking thru it! Many feel that way at first, but like any subject, the more one is exposed, the easier it becomes :-) Yx