…..'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'…..

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menoracular; On Higher Teaching pt 8

As mentioned earlier, 17th and 18th January were (sort of) free days and then on the 19th, there was a very auspicious event, which was the handing over the 'baton' of leadership for the organisation from Guruji to Mukhya Swamiji. It is not a complete retirement - but Guruji will now not travel outside of India.

It was a big deal and a lovely ceremony. I did not take pictures - there are many of those on the CM website if anyone is truly interested.

The situation itself was of particular interest to those of us from the Antipodean and Far East countries - and the UK - as Swaroopanandaji has been our head of sector for so long. We feel just that bit more blessed that he has been elected the overall head of mission.

On the 20th there was a more light-hearted 'farewell and welcome' presentation by the ashram permanent staff. A true celebration, in music, dance, poetry and reminiscence.

© Yamini MacLean
Then classes resumed until the 25th, but this time they took a turn to the practical - how can anyone even begin to think they might be able to live the life divine whilst intermingling with the world? Pointers and suggestions and things of 'not to do' and 'what to do' were given. Guruji clearly had felt the lift of leadership from his shoulders as he sometimes spontaneously popped behind the sales counter and blessed goods for devotees. Swamiji, on the other hand, already began to look sleepless!  He is well-versed in administration in addition to his erudition on the scriptures, but this is a big challenge.

Before we knew it, it was time to pack. Emm and I were leaving on the same flight on the 27th, though not arriving in Sydney on the same one - she taking a much more immediate connection. Poor dear, she had a nasty cold and slept the whole of the 26th... it can't have been fun travelling with that.

...and there it was over. Quite an intense month, but one I am glad to have participated in. Landed in OZ, there was a bit of business to attend the first couple of days - but then the infection hit me! It acted differently on my system than on Emm's - and possibly it was a different virus altogether. Whatever. It laid me flat for the best part of a week and affected my lungs, triggering the asthma a bit. Oh well.

To be fair, whilst there were folk to catch up with, I didn't press hard for visitations either. Three weeks is not that much time and I needed the rest. Met up with a few pals for lunches and dinners, but really, this was more about me just getting some heat in my bones... and boy was there heat! Record-breaking temps many of the days. There were much more delicious days to balance it out though. I loved it. Will write up about a few of the outings...

Tomorrow, some more photos to round off this bit re India.


  1. Getting sick while traveling is the worst. Blame the airplane for the virus!

  2. Oh YaYa I'm so sorry you got sick on your trip. I always worry about that when flying this time of year. The coughing is the worst too. Then to have such heat when being stuffed up too.
    Hugs and hoping you feel better now
    Madi and HiC

  3. Guruji appears quite contented in your photo.
    My bones need heat right now. I'm glad you could soak up some.

  4. asthma is no fun. I pretty much keep mine under control. Mine is trigger usual by certain chemicals.
    Coffee is on

  5. oh I bet it was caused by the ac of the airplane...there is no better way to distribute virusses and gremlins to all peeps...

  6. Sleepless after only one day at the job. The poor man!

    Getting sick after travel is awful. You want to enjoy your holiday and instead you're feeling really bad. Hope you feel better now.

  7. Flying is one sure way of picking up nasty germs. Wishing you a full recovery and some rest after all the travelling. Cheers, Gail.

  8. Living a divine life on this earth. Now that is a huge challenge!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

    Pee Ess - What are the shirts on the wall for?

  9. What an exciting and special time. I miss the retreats I would go on with friends. Coming home would feel a bit like the baby in a snowbank. I'd be all revved up with no one to share the experience. janice xx

    1. Hari Om
      G'day ladies...
      Carol (M&S) - it is - a HYYOOOOOJJJJ challenge!!! The shirts are display items to entice they buyers; they have cartoon images of Sri Ganesh and such for the kiddies, and encouraging slogans for the youths - older devotees could by saris and kurtas...
      Janice - yes, one of the challenges in living the life Divine is exactly that... the having to engage with a world which largely does not know neither understands nor necessarily has any interest in the inner journey!!!
      Love and hugs from the YAMster, now back in the Bonny Land but still not back in the hutch! xxx


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