'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

MenoSundays; Life Lived Lovingly

Sitting pondering which direction to take you today, I was prompted by  a combination of related things.

Firstly, I had noted that Blogville seemed quiet. Even those who would regularly visit and leave their mark were not around. It didn't take too much to figure out that this was likely to be due to the fact that spring is really pouting now and folks prefer to be outside sundancing, rather than facing a computer screen. Fair enough; but just for one wavery moment I realised how much I love you all and miss you when you are not there! I began pondering what it is to be in community and how we find that. Whilst spiritual practice and intellectual endeavour certainly benefit from an ability to be solitary, the basic human critter is really quite social and needs interaction for a healthy and balanced personality.

Secondly, within the past two weeks, have had email interaction with no less than three of my blogpals who are all struggling. One is in her mid 80s and only started blogging in her 70s! This year, though, health decline is playing a part, but also state of mind. Despite having a wonderful hubby and lots to be positive about, she admits she now all the time frets about the son who has not spoken to her in years. That one negative is cancelling out all the rest. Another lady is in her mid-70s and has been blogging for about 10 years; a grandmother with custody of her younger grand-daughter and who, on a recent family holiday found herself in a freaky accident that has resulted in lengthy hospitalisation and her absence from blogging for many weeks. She has returned in the past few days and revealed something of the horror - but also proving to we, her devoted followers, that she is not one to let even this keep her down. Then there is the third, in her late 60s (I estimate) who is questioning why she is blogging at all and who admits to a state of 'low mood'.

There are all sorts of pressures upon us and at some point we all face the fact that, ultimately, we are alone. Having community can definitely help to keep us buoyant; but even then we can find that we drop the ball. Attitude, state of mind, plays such an enormous part in our coping strategy. The difference of the one lady to the other two is that she is the 'glass half full' type. She is still working, despite her age, and she has a young lady who depends upon her guidance. These give purpose and meaning to these later years of life.

With that trigger in mind I typed the words 'spreading Love' into the ol' wonderwebs and in amongst a whole lot drivel, two pages shone forth. Initially this first one had me wrinkling my brow somewhat. What kind of world is it that there is even a need for such a movement? Then I figured that this is just a large-scale version of what many do on an instinctive level anyway. I remembered that just before Christmas last year there was a news item about a 'Love bomber' in Inverness; all the trees along the river promenade had been tied with messages of Love and Succour for any who chose to read them.

The unfortunate part about such as this is that folk get suspicious; it's a cynical world now and many have difficulty in receiving kindness and offers of help. Or they fear it, because it might obligate them.

The second site is much more focused. The problem it posits is not confined to the States; it is present in a lot of the world now. Young folk are wondering 'what is the point?' However, it is not just young people. WHO statistics show a growing global trend. (NB, there are lots of really useful links within that article...)

All I could do for my three blogpals was send Loving words and some small comparisons to convey understanding... but do you know what? I also know that this is a big thing to do. In a predicament myself recently, I took the big step of reaching out. I just needed to hear some positive stuff in what was a very negative situation. I not only received that, I got the Loving words and the small comparisons. Nobody could do anything about the situation other than myself, but knowing that I had 'vented' and, what is more, been heard, gave the necessary boost to the coping mechanisms. My gratitude for that is beyond words.

Bottom line; no man is an island. Somebody said that somewhere and they were jolly well right. The kindness of strangers counts for a lot; the Love of those we respect and trust in return can move mountains.

Be not 'tight' with your compassion dear ones; a smile and gentle hello can make all the difference to someone's life.


  1. I try to daily find one postive thing that happen..spill the cat food earlier and was thankful that there was broom to take of it...Coffee is on

  2. YaYa...I too have noticed the absence of many...as you said it is spring and folks are out and about at least that is what we think. But I agree sometimes we need to remember to touch base with folks. Just a "hidey ho" or a "thinking of you" or a 'just because"aka Compassion as you said.

    Aunty the here and and now of your post makes me want to tell you how much I appreciate your spirituality and your thought process. I always leave your posts feeling good. So dear friend who gives the best hugs in the world and who makes my mind happy.....
    I send you love and much appreciation for the post.
    Hugs and love HiC, Bcat and Madi cat.

    1. Hari OM
      Blessings and Love dear friends! Yxx

  3. While we haven't been able to be in Blogville every day (we do try and check in at least 3 times per week) we have noticed it is very easy to catch up as it is quiet. For those who are busy with life, we miss you and can't wait to hear your adventures. For those who are struggling or having a hard time that is keeping them away, we love you and wish we could help more.

    Thank you for a lovely post Yamini!

  4. A very thoughtful post. 'No man is an island' indeed. I too had noticed that Blogville is quiet. And I am off on my spring cycling break tomorrow, so Bertie will be 'off line' for a week, but fear not, we'll be back!
    Cheers, Gail.

  5. If only the whole world could follow the Dalai Lama's advice!
    It is true that even though we lead solitary lives we are interconnected. Blogville is one of the safe places where we can come together and share our love of anipals and all other creatures, including humans.
    Yur Furend
    Louis Dog Armstrong

  6. Thank you for taking the time to say these things. We need the reminders of how much difference even a smile can make to someone else, even when we don't see the smile returned. I mostly see people avoiding one another's eyes in public; I understand the temptation but try to give a friendly smile. It's always uplifting to see it returned; just that small connection with another can bring encouragement.

  7. Hugs and love, my blog friend. Namaste janicexx

  8. Doesn't venting help?!
    JB is so quick to try to give me a solution, but it does help to talk about it. I remember being in the depths of despair when my mom died, dad was sick. I didn't know I needed help. It was so tough. xx


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