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(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menootanabootagain - the Northern Explorer

The Sunday of the Mac Clan's holiday dawned dull and windy. Coldy windy. It was still glorious though.

Mac1 and I (and the father) are all the early risers, Macs 2 and 3 not so much... however, they did smarten up a bit as they have both taken up running, following the fine example set by Mac1. Every morning of the holiday they set off together by no later than 9am. Sometimes they arrived back together too...

On that first morning, after their run and brekky, there was a tendency towards jigsaw puzzles and books and snoozes - but Mac1 one and myself wanted a wee bit more, so we drove down to the shore of Loch Fleet to ogle the residents...

Being an estuary loch for the river Fleet, this wide, tidal bay is very shallow, with significant channels dividing all the little sand 'islands' which appear as the tide recedes. They have a grand old life! The Eiders were plentiful also...

Down there, we could look back up to the ruins of Skelbo castle, but not having known there would be such, we hadn't realised we could have gone up there to nosy around. Oh well...

WE lingered along the shoreline for a bit, getting 'arty-farty' with some imaging; Mac1 is about to embark on a 'City&Guilds' certification course in Needlework (she is a great quilter and embroider, felter, you name it) and needs as many ideas as possible for pattern, colour and so on. Nature is a great provider of such.


  1. I am very fond of the colors of lichens.

  2. water looks very cold...coffee is on

  3. Exploring by the water always interesting.
    Looks a bit cold.

  4. So much beauty! What a lovely way to enjoy some sister time!

  5. I never saw seals ... butt I hope so much that I will see them when we go on a howl-i-day next month...

  6. Hello, lovely collection of photos. I love the seals and the Eiders. The view of the castle is lovely. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day and weekend ahead.

  7. You can do a City and Guilds certification course in all that? Wow! I wonder whether you can do one in knitting, although I am mainly of the 'I need a pattern to make anything remotely usable' variety. As for texture: that last photo is brilliant. Love the colours and the texture and just all of it.

    Good luck to Mac1 with her certification course. Please show us her work at some time if she doesn't mind!

  8. Such beautiful photos! We would love to have walked along with you!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  9. That last photo is a stunner. Namaste Janice.

  10. It is such an interesting country! We've been on a trek ourselves.


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