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MenoTreksikkuls; Serious Fandom

Okay; although strictly speaking am 'back' from the week away with the Mac-family, have yet to sort out photos and get thoughts gathered to present to you; so here's a filler.

Warning; this post is unashamedly Trek-indulgent... and there will be lots of third-party links.

It is coming to you by time-warp; as is my wont. One Sunday (let's call it May 14th) I was sitting in the Hutch with the rain and hail pelting the window and decided to go check out a tubular channel I had bookmarked. I would give you the link (cuz I know there are at least half a dozen of you who love it as I do)...but in looking more closely and following my curiosity, I will, instead, provide link to the actual website below. A little more about fandom though.

For those of you who have been around long enough here at Meno-blog, you will recall that the YAMster has been deeply involved with science-fiction fandom in her past; and particularly Star Trek. Am not so much into the fantasy side of things (did watch the early Star Wars, but after the first one, really couldn't be bothered). My escapism has to be intelligent, logical; not that I won't watch other stuff. Dr Who, for example - though I do have to occasionally battle the urge to yell at the telly when there are clear breaches of logic or continuity. I have to remember that the whole point of anything watched, researched, emulated to this degree, other than serious academic pursuit, is to give the human mind and heart some distraction and respite.

That said, this is one entertainment source which has gone WAAAAYYYY beyond itself. One can take Trek a good deal more seriously simply because it is so pertinent to living. How so? It uses hard science, it uses sociology & ethics, and it uses philosophy; and most of all, it looks at the frailty and the strengths of the human critter as it negotiates all that the universe can throw at it. This is not to say it is perfect or necessarily has all the answers, or that the answers it appears to provide are necessarily 'one size fits all'... but at the very least it gets folks talking, discussing the possibilities, and potentially working to better themselves.

Then there are the iconic figures of the original cast. Each covering all the various natures and potentials for interaction. Further to that, there's the excellent story-telling. Here in the Hutch, the FULL collection of DVDs is owned; the entire catalogue of Star Trek, including the animated series. Do I like the renewed film franchise? Am a wee tad split, as it has veered away somewhat from the original Roddenberry vision, I feel. The Spock-Uhuru connection is just plain nonsense and a bit of a turn-off for this pure Trekker; but it is tolerated as there is much else to enjoy.

However, it was an immense joy to discover the fan-driven, but professionally-produced 'ST Continues' shows. There are of course plenty of fan-produced items available on the tubular and elsewhere. This one, though, stands out for its authenticity and values. Came across this interview vid-clip (12 minutes) which gives you a good feel for the why and what of this franchise.

Something else I came upon, is a site with podcasts. Mission Log meticulously goes through a summary of each and every episode, then the two presenters explore the making, the presentation, the context and the effect and relevance of those episodes. More thought-provokery for ya!!!

Lastly but not at all leastly, found out when looking at all this, that there is a new show due for launch this year; ST-Discovery. Very little of any substance available on what it is going to do; I just pray it doesn't fall into the dark side...


  1. I don't know why but neither of us ever got into Star Wars, Star Trek. I recall when we went to see 2001 Space Odyssey we both got drowsy. Bcat does love some sci-fi though.
    Hugs HiC

  2. I remember how funny I thought it was at BAR when you Trekkies discovered your area in common!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. Star trek it one of the show I can see or not. But it bring up lot of social promblems.
    Coffee is on

  4. I have to admit that I never watched it... the only thing I ever bought was a plush yoda, because he is cute ;O))

  5. I enjoyed Star Trek and most spinoffs. Interesting that fans are making their own now. Namaste Janice xx


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