'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

MenoFest; The Final Show

Picking up from last Thursday's post, where the Cuzzy, her hubby, young Oskar and I were connecting in order to attend the Na Clarsairean gig at St Andrews and St George's church. Oskar adheres to strict vegan diet and he and cuzzy-hubby had located the ideal eating place for him just round the corner from the venue. They were just finishing up as we arrived.

Regular readers will recall that Na Clarsairean figured large in The Maestro's life, as she played the clarsach with them on a regular basis. Now, her mother, Mac1 is filling the space, so we have reason to continue supporting them. At this concert, also, a young fellow returned from travels South, and was a welcome focus guest - Calum Macleod was a mate of The Maestro and a great advocate of the 'gaedhlig', hailing as he does from the Hebrides. They were also joined by the Lothian Gaelic Choir, who were practicing their Mod competition pieces upon us. A couple of songs required a tad more tuning, but otherwise lovely.

Mac1 and Oskar were happy to pose with Shriek, who was having a grand day out!!!

As you see, the lighting was not the best, but also didn't want to use flash. (Actually, Fudge's flash isn't working anyway, so no choice in that matter.)

Managed a couple of 'artistic' shots, as well as some of the building and even snuck three short vid-clips, which have strung together; sorry about the asthmatic singing...

As we emerged from the venue, the Edinburgh Assembly Rooms across George Street were glowing brightly... and there was a distinctly autumnal feel to the air!

...and now for an unashamed plug for young Calum... like The Maestro, he is interested in the juxtaposition between Celtic and Jazz music and his solo album holds elements of jazz influence, whilst remaining fully within the Scots trad music frame. You can sample the tracks at the top of the list here at the big etherstore. Though it must be said that the samples do not at all do justice to the whole tracks!


  1. Aunty Yam I'm sure Maestro has a heavenly smile today. What a lovely post
    and to meet up with her friend too
    Shriek had a fine time too
    Hugs HiC

  2. the mama is in festival mood after your furst post... she never visited one as she was a youngster, but it is never too late to go to a festival right?

  3. Well, it looks and sounds like you had a great time and Shriek is still smiling, so he must have liked it as well...

  4. this sure is so different from my world and hence so exciting to read

  5. You do have the most interesting posts about your adventures, YAM. Namaste, Janice xx

  6. Ah, tis lovely music!!! What a treat!

  7. It must have been so poignant for all of you! Blessings.


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