'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menoffagainorrhoea; Away From The Hutch

Walking up Botchergate in the daylight did not make it any more appealing than it had been the previous evening in the dark. It was rather sad really. There are many places which are empty and almost derelict, others up for sale or let...

As we approached the centre of Carlisle, Aitch and I were taken with the large round towers of the original castle walls... very imposing! We sat in the gardens beside them for a short while, admiring the different appearance here from the street just walked. More feeling of life, things to do, people to see. Aitch had a geocache for us to chase in the railway station.

We were quite chuffed with ourselves for working out the code to get the coordinates for the next step... but then it got peculiar, as the geolocator couldn't quite make its mind up about distance or actual direction. Whenever we turned where it pointed, it turned the other way!

It could have been that all the railway wires plus the scaffold from roof maintenance was playing silly beggers with the communications... hey ho...

Our time was a bit limited as we were aiming to get to the cathedral to view it and to join in the Evensong service. We consigned this cache to a DNF (did not find) and made our way to another up through the gates and along the mall. We had found the prettier part of town, though it was still not particularly busy. The cache here was a series of questions about one of the very attractive old buildings. We got that sorted, then headed for the Cathedral.

Outside the cathedral, there were a whole range of buildings which have big 'street appeal'; mainly Georgian architecture. Jess liked the gates. Collies like places they can jump. It's in the genes.  Next it was into The Griffin for some pub grub... then 'home' to bed...

The next day brought even more adventure!!! To be continued next week.


  1. Oh Jesse you went on a fine adventure with YAM Aunty and Aitch and found many lovely buildings. I bet the pub grub was yummy too.
    Hugs madi your bfff

    1. Hari OM
      It was! All the more surprising for being a quite acceptable vege-burger with fine salad on the side... there has been a huge improvement in the availability of choices beyond goats cheese and beetreet or mac 'n' cheese! Yxx

  2. Stepping from one blog to the next, lovely banisters. Balusters (?)

  3. Looks like a great trip


  4. I have never geo cached but it looks like a great way to explore.

  5. I stopped at a local tiny liquor store on the way home. It's small without a great selection, but the owner took it over after his brother was killed in a robbery there (random - the only murder in our village's history of 75 years). He works 7 days a week, and supports his brother's widow and her children who moved back to their native Jordan. I always make sure I buy any liquor I need there rather than the big grocers and he'll special order me the expensive Scotch's he normally doesn't carry. I like supporting local business.

  6. oh what a wonderful trip... I love the church windows... it's amazing what wonderful things people made with their own hands once...

  7. Carlisle. I will put it on the list. My sister had better ask for three weeks off!

  8. What beautiful architecture! Looks like a pawfect trip!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  9. It's always an adventure to see your pictures; you visit so many interesting places. Jess reminds me of our border collie Shelby, gone many years. He was a great character.

  10. Your buildings are amazing. Such history.

  11. Those old buildings are so magnificent. Tell Fudge this was a really good series. namaste, janice xx


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