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Me-Now-Views; the Skeerython is On!!!

Shivery, shuddery welcomes to all who pass by here...
let us begin with a puzzle... only 49 pieces, but you have to turn some - select the piece and turn the wheel of mouse, or tap and use the R/L icon on touchscreens. Click the expand icon at bottom right for full-screen.

Right. Deep breaths all. Having entered the YAMster's Hutch  Whicherer's chamber of halloween hauntings, what think ye of this face within the window of the Giant Doll's Cottage?

D'ya think it be a soul long past, troubled and tortured to wander on this e'en?

Be it The Joker, come to twist the truth of life?

Fear not, Wee Jess is here to keep the darkened spirits at bay... (or kick them into goal pawhaps?) She has also found music for us...

Thanks Jess... but I wonder, if I wander through yonder arch, where shall it lead???

It does appear to stand alone, attached to nought. Why be it so? What happened to this structure long ago?

Was there a war, a strife of life; a battle, an earthquake, or unearthly was it beshook???

Who cares. Come on through let us go.

OH_HO! Look there, on its dressings, a guard, a gargoyle fierce!

See, I have with me some piece-tatch-yo eyes-cream; lick it lovely one and be calmed. Let me pass now into the next enclosure there to find... what?
Gracious it be dark indeed! See on high those walkways between the pillars. Dizzying. Furthermore, it be filled with opened caskets, as the spirits rise to haunt this ghastly night.

Wait, who be this?! Frozen in time (or dark metal); an ancient king? Was he of this place or far afield? Think you he died in battle, or in the making of peace? Are these two related?

He walked long before these stones were raised...

No interment here, just the memories.

The place to be in the e'en of the raised spirits is within the hallowed walls of a church. Let us enter now... oh no - 'tis guarded by another of those ghastly gargoyles... can you sort him out?

Phew, safe within its walls! Though even here we find grotesque... There we are though, within the walls of safety against the wild and woolly night of the last October eve. Burn your lanterns, say your prayers, cast spells if that be your wont. Wish the restless souls a peaceful passing, that they may settle before the saints on the morrow.

All who have made a skeery post may link it here below - know the Whicherer will remove any that do not comply:

  1. there must be a pet critter of some variety included at some point
  2. it must be your own original work and not 'borrowed'


  1. Jess thank goodness it is still daylight over here...OMCs the Halloween music was just plain spoooooooky. Mom worked on the first puzzle she got all of the border done then she went cross eyed. MOL. We might come back.
    We have our post ready to post at 11 pm tonight. It will link to here is there a hop or do we just link back to here?
    Hugs madi your bfff and mom

    1. Hari OM
      ...what...where's the linkyhopthingy gone??? Oh dear... I'll see if I can fix it, but JUST IN CASE I CAN'T, ANY LINKERS MUST LEAVE A COMMENT WITH THE URL TO THEIR POSTS - please and thank you...

  2. YaYa as of 11 pm tonight Monday, 10/30/17-11:59pm on Tuesday Halloween you may read our story here
    Hugs madi and mom

    1. thanks for doing that - am having trouble with setting the linky due to 'non-https' carry on. Am researching other options... Yxx

  3. We finished the first puzzle easy peasy. Is this going to be like an Edgar Allan Poe fright?
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  4. Mom forgot all about being skeered. She spent so much time doing that first puzzle. Now she is working on the second one. Hope she gets it done so we can move away from all this scary music and stuff.

    YAY!!! She did it!!!

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  5. A very spooky tail! As Lady hates being scared she totally failed at a shreek post. Should have let the man write it - Halloween is his jam!

  6. That was fun, but we were brave! HowlOween is not just a day for us, it's a lifestyle!! We like skeery.

  7. We barely made it through your post. Shyla was hiding her eyes because it was so skeery. Halloween is her least favorite holiday because costumes skeer her almost to death. She even likes holidays with fireworks better than Halloween!

    Thanks for the fun!

  8. hahaha guess what? the mama had no clue how to turn the pieces... I think her membership in da smart virgo club is over...
    I love the iron king... and oh how I wish this old stones could talk... Happy howl-o-ween

  9. We is to skeerdy to stick around here too long to leave too long a comment cause this is a very very skeerdy place and even though Dougie Dog is big 'n' strong he is not very brave and Zoey really is a skeerdy cat ... so we'll say WOOF and MEOW and BOO to you and
    "fangs" for hosting such a super skeerdy halloween hop ... it's amazingly skeery!!!

  10. Hello, love this Halloween post, music and the puzzles. Happy Halloween, enjoy your day!

  11. OMD! the music gaves us the chills from first notes!! We did the first puzzle last night and will come later to do the other - we really like the puzzles. A great skeery post! Mom just struggles to narrate our blog Ha Ha
    Hazel & Mabel

  12. That first puzzle was haaaard! The second one was a bit easier, but not much!

    We haven't got a scary post to go up. I sort of forgot and then there was work and such and then we got a package...

    Mara, Brom, Miss Oswin and Mouse from Norway

    1. Hari OM
      ....oh phew... my heart was beginning to pound in wonderment about that package...

      To make the puzzlees easier, you can click the enlarge button at bottom right of the workbox... Our clocks went back at the weekend and like some kind of magic switch, Ma Nature has turned things from autumn to winter. Yeexxxh.. Huggies to all at the Sund. Yxx

  13. A very spine chilling multi-media post - made so much more so by the music!
    I'm afraid, like Mara, I somehow didn't get around to doing anything special, blogwise, for Halloween.
    Cheers, Gail.

  14. Puzzles.Are.Addicting :-)

    I kept coming back today...to work on the first puzzle, finally finished but wanted to thank you for organizing such a great event. Loved Halloween at "your place" this year!! Now..on to the Gargoyle!

  15. Your history is so rich, it's the perfect place for it!

  16. That's a hard puzzle! The first.

  17. Oh my gosh...you did scary quite well!


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