'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menootanaboot with The Adventurous Bear

Failte efurrybuddy! It is I, Brom o' dun Omhain (Dunoon - temporarily). Today I would like to share with you the first part of some time spent with a young man called Oscar. He is a cousin of YAM-aunty... third, twice removed. We think. Whateva... he's all of 20 years and a gentle, inquisitive soul who is visiting from the land of OZ. He had two days here with us at the Hutch. On the afternoon he arrived, the weather was dry, so aunty said we ought to get out and about and 'carpe diem'. (I thought it was supposed to be Gaelic roon here?)

First we went down to the shore and walked the promenade. There were things to see!

After this we went up to Bishop's Glen so that the budding ecology and environment student could take in the wee bit of Caledonian Forest which is to be found there.

The cygnets who were pint-sized a few weeks back are now fully grown... and learning the 'attack formation' rules from mum - this was them, heads down and sashaying danged fast towards us. Aunty nearly backed into dad, who had snuck up behind her!!! A moment of adventure, to be sure.

Oscar felt it necessary to hug a tree or three.

As we came back down towards the Hutch, there were two ambulances and crowds in the quiet wee street.

[YAM here for a mo': The scaffolding had been started for the Great Roof Repairs (reference difficult neighbour and long-haul mediation); horror of horrors, the electrical fellow had come to shift the satellite dish which had been such a great bone of contention and wouldn't you know it, had taken a tumble to the pavement. He will be okay, but what a shock - and an example of the dark energy of 'that flat' stretching out its tendrils...sigh... back to Brom .]

I had been promised adventure, but wasn't really expecting blues and twos...

Next morning, the day dawned bright and aunty got all twitterpated. 'We have to get out and about!' she declared over a brekky of fruit'n'nut porridge... (none for me, but a bear can dream, right?) Before I could say 'hoots mon' we were in Li'l Ren heading up over the Cowals towards the Isle of Bute.

We stopped first at Little Eachaig (pronounced 'eck') falls. Scots pine forest here for the ecology boy - and a photo op. We look rather good together, donchya think?

From here it was onwards to Rothsay, the capital of the island, to visit the castle.

Here, aunty got a stamp for my passport to show I had attended; the fellow at the desk seemed a little 'bearmused' about it all, but got into the spirit of the thing - then offered to take a group photo.

Then aunty thought I deserved to have a solo shoot.

The moat was mighty impressive - and I made sure to sit tightly against the post. The potential for adventure loomed large at this point. Jus' sayin'.

As we walked through the main gate, Oscar decided to duck down into the dungeon. I did not have that urge, so rested on the rails for a bit.

It is worth noting at this point that I was glad of my Dutchie cloak... the sun might have been bright but the wind had a bite!

We lingered around the castle for a an hour or so. Once in the centre we discovered something very exciting indeed - for me. Norwegian connections! First there were the Vikings - who pretty much ruled Bute for quite some time - and later there was a Scots princess who married a Norge King - then a Norwegian princess who married a Scots king. Her name was Margaret.

Will stop here - the rest of time with Oscar will be here on Thursday.

you'll need to biggify!


  1. Oscar looks like a sweet boy and good company. Once again, you've had a fine time. You live in a land of such rich history.

  2. Aunty you had such a fine outing with two very handsome gentlemen.
    I know what a wonderful planner of events and travels so I know Oscar enjoyed every single minute he was at the Hutch with his lovely Cousin.
    Glory be the Hutch repairs have started!!!
    Hugs HiC

  3. What a fun tour you gave Oscar! OMD, it is a miracle that electrical fellow wasn't killed!! Oh mercy, to finally get those repairs done and in the rearview mirror!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  4. Another visitor and another great adventure. Some familiar locations there too.
    Fingers and paws crossed that the Great Roof Repairs proceed without further mishap.
    Cheers! Gail.

  5. Wow..Looks like you are having a great time with Oscar and YAM aunty, Brom!!
    Jakey, Arty & Rosy

  6. What a nice visit. Lady is a tree hugger too.

  7. What a good natured young man to take on adventures.

  8. how great that you meet this nice young man :o) and well done Brom needs a walk along da BROM-enade :o)

  9. What a journey!
    It's fun playing tour guide, isn't it?
    I bet atop the roof and the scaffolding it is chilly.
    Glad repair are being made, despite the injury. sigh. Oh my.

  10. I hadn't thought I should send Brom's hat along, but perhaps I should have? And do you think Oscar heard what Mouse whispered in the listening tree last week?? That sitting on the railing thing looks mighty dangerous to me. In fact, had it been me, I would probably have fallen in!

    Great to see what you're up to so far from home, klem from me and Mouse.

  11. Oh, what fun to have Oscar AND Brom to go on adventures together. Ouch on the poor worker that took a tumble. May the source of the evil spirit in the Hutch be eliminated during the repairs.


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