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(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menosukhi - Irvine's Pupdate

Long-term readers will know that I sponsor guide dog puppies in their training. For two years it was Isaac. This year it changed over to Irvine. Well, here's the latest!

Hello, I’m Abigail, Irvine’s Puppy Walker. Welcome to his second Pupdate; I’m pleased to say Irvine is doing fantastically well. Since you last heard from me, his lead work has improved, with the help of lots of praise and treats! He’s also much more confident in his own company, as before he used to whine for attention. Now he’s happy to lie down and snooze with his big teddy.

Exploring the world;  We’ve been busy getting out and about, to get Irvine used to lots of different environments. It’s really important for Irvine to experience a variety of places so he’s comfortable and confident wherever he may go with his future owner. We’ve been on lots of transport such as trains and buses, on which Irvine is a complete star. He’s very happy to curl up under the seat, out of everyone’s way, and he has a habit of licking people’s feet!

We recently went on trip to Westfield in London which was really busy. Irvine was brilliant and coped well with the crowds of people. He gets so much attention when he’s out and loves meeting new people. We even met some of his sponsors when we were fundraising for Guide Dogs.

Confidence boost; Irvine is such a friendly pup and he’s super cuddly too. I honestly can’t say a bad word about him. He loves his food and will always choose it over toys! He’s very sociable and willing to learn too. We play a game with his big ted, where we hide it and then Irvine has to find him.

Irvine’s a very playful pup and loves running around with his best friend Mitty. They go on walks together to the park and she’s great at bringing out his confidence, as he tends to keep quite close to us when out on free runs. But with Mitty there he’ll go bounding off into the distance with her! Importantly for his future owner, Irvine’s recall is amazing; he’s never had an issue with coming back when called.

My superstar; I’m so proud of Irvine and how much progress he has made so far. We’re just getting him used to his blue puppy walking jacket now as he’s sometimes hesitant to wear it. But we’re giving him lots of encouragement and he’s doing really well.


  1. What a blessing you are!!! Irvine is such a cutie, and will make someone a wonderful companion. Stella Rose and Momma

  2. Oh I wish I could meet this fabulous pup once in the furs ;o)

  3. How WONDERFUL of YOU to help support Irvine..and how lucky he is to have you help with his care and training. 8 paws up fur Both of you.

  4. Pups can be such fun! namaste, janice xx

  5. A big hurray for Irvine's star progress and for you for sponsoring. He's adorable.

  6. That's so cute! Now, is the puppy walker different from the current owner? More of a trainer?!
    Good for you for sponsoring him!!!

    1. Hari OM
      Hi Jenn - yes you are correct, the 'walker' is precisely that. The pup has to behave as if that person was blind, but of course has to learn from a sighted person first - else how to know what is right or not for their eventual owner-partner? It is such an honour to provide a little towards this training and a joy to watch the progress! Yxx


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