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Menosukhi; Gratitude

Do you know...  this time last week I was sitting with lots and lots of ideas about the thanks in my heart for not just Blogville, our little village of pet funsters, but for the wider space of Blogosphere.

Then there were two or three things of similar type which happened all at once, and that was followed by another couple of bloggers bringing up the themes of that on their posts and I began to wonder about the 'universal mind'; that thing which brings an alertness everyone experiences, but not everyone reveals.

Just as in the real world, en etiquette of sorts has developed in the etherworld. Perhaps not so much on the 'insti-things'; but here in the slower, more thoughtful place of the blogging, we generally find the places we want to linger and those places we wish to pass by in a hurry and can do so without too much bother. We can find the people of like mind and similar interests - or those from whom we wish to learn more about something, or whose take on life offers something to help us understand its complexities just that bit more.

There will be a group or groups in which we set up a dialogue through comments and occasionally in the background through emails. Every now and then, just as in real world, something will be taken out of context, or something will be said, which causes us to pause and to wonder.

Difficulty can lie in the printed word; the difficulty of conveying tone of voice. Something put here in black and white will, almost always, only be taken for the value of the letters contained and not the intention behind their grouping; unless there's a lot of preparatory language. Comments by their very nature require to be succinct (with a few exceptions here and there.) Whilst the onus is always on the communicator to be clear, it has to be accepted that not all who are on the 'hearing' end are going to receive the message in the same way. There can be those who are on an alert all of their own (for many reasons valid to themselves). Regardless of how clearly one has put something, if that 'en guarde' personality is looking for an argument, or to take offence, they will get/take it anyway.

Agreeing to disagree is an adult behaviour and it applies as much in the Blogosophere as it does in real world. Moving on without grudge or offence is an adult behaviour and it applies as much in the Blogosophere as it does in real world. To shield oneself from a potential threat in the real world requires quite a process of paperwork and intervention and is not always successful. In the Blogosphere it's as easy as hitting the 'block user' button and is 99.9% successful.

I have, thankfully, never had to do that with a blogger. I have had stern words with a couple of commenters whose language was not just offensive but also abusive, causing me to remove them. They listened; one apologised and still occasionally pops in for a polite word or two. The other took the hint. On the G+ platform though, I have had to block quite a few this year. Why?

They were men looking for anything other than intelligent dialogue. Then there was the surprise of finding, on the Disqus platform, (which I have to use in order to join in on a couple of favourite blogs), that some of my comments were 'upvoted' - by women of a certain profile, flaunting 'their wares'. When I find these, I take action by not just blocking but also reporting. In a world currently overflowing with raised awareness of abuses, I refuse to be used by women who are only adding fuel to the fire of animal desire.

Then there is the sitting here with the news of change in Zimbabwe, the conviction of war criminal Mladic and a UK which seems to have forgotten how privileged it really is.

What has all this to do with Thankful Thursday in Blogville? The fact that I have found you all and that you all like to spend time with me. That we know how to agree to disagree - and that it happens rarely because of that. I am grateful for the warmth of capital 'ell' Love and the true spirit of humanity which echoes through the etherwaves . As happens in real world, sometimes our friends move away, but I am grateful that new friends turn up in their place. Blogville is the stable centre of my online world and if, occasionally, around the boundaries things go a bit awry, I know that it's nothing to cry about or to draw down the shutters. I have a safe place here. There is support both on and off screen. My gratitude knows no bounds for the fact I have the strength, and have found the guides, to help me negotiate the complexities of the real world. That gratitude extends to the blogosphere and the people I have found here.

Would I exist without Blogville? Of course! Is life improved by that the part of my existence which is in Blogville? It is!


  1. Oh YaYa!! Well said indeed and we agree with every word.
    Face to face often gets one's point across better as we can see facial expressions and continue the dialogue. Here in Blogsville we have to be thoughtful as we make comments and remember it takes so many opinions and minds and thinking to make up the world. PATIENCE is key your last sentence spoke volumes!!
    Hugs HiC

  2. Hello, I am a pretty easy going type person. So far, I have not had any abuser type comments on my blog. Thankfully, I have just a nice group of friendly bloggers. I have learned so much following blogs from around the world. I feel I have grown, I just need to stop watching the news. Thanks for your thoughts and great post. Enjoy your day!

    1. ​Hari OM
      thank you Eileen; I wrote this off the cuff an hour before posting, as the week had caught up on me... and there was much deep thinking being prompted. I perhaps ought to point out that the 'difficult customers' were on the teaching bloggy, which does of course face being attacked by closed minds. As mentioned, am totally open to discussion and sharing points of view, but will not tolerate abuse, there or anywhere. I recently had to ask the men working on our roof to remember that there were residents present. The language was beyond anything I'd ever heard - and I've been around!!! They were good; just needed reminding.

      Blessed Thanksgiving to you and yours dear blogpal!!! YAM xx​

  3. I am grateful that Blogville put you in my life too. The internet does how the power to unite and help bring love.

  4. Amen to all that you say!!! We have only been regular visitors to your beautiful places, but we have heard so many wonderful things about you that we knew we had to find you too. We are grateful for your friendship.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  5. Wow, you have been victim to some pretty nefarious characters! We have only had problems with 1 real person and the rest were spammers. Like you said, it is not the usual in Blogville. Despite most speaking through the voice of their beloved pets everyone does a great job of playing nice. Yes, Blogville keeps giving!!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  6. I'm grateful for everyone who takes the time to put together well-done, thoughtful, cheerful blogs. They lift spirits. Thanks so much to you and all who do this!

  7. I, too, love the slower pace and deeper thought of blogs as opposed to "insta-" or FB. I feel that I get to know people better through blogs than other types of web media. I love blogging, although I do it with a hint of reserve. Just so you understand, the reason is that I had a stalker who followed me and hurt me years ago. Unfortunately, he is looking for me in the ether world, according to some childhood friends. So, I have keep a veil so that it is not entirely clear who I am. I am sorry for that, especially with sincere and warm people like you. Thank you for your friendship and for helping us all to think more deeply about our lives.

  8. What a thoughtful post, Yam Auntie! You have a positive way of expressing yourself. We are honored to have you (and other bloggers) as our friend!

  9. Such a perfect gratitude post, we are so very happy to call you friend!

  10. thank you for being here and for being a friend... there is a life without blogville... but life wouldn't be the same... and we wouldn't like to live a life without...

  11. Blogville is a magical place. A community where most have only met online, but we have a deep bond with each other. We are truly blessed to be a part of it with each and every blogger we know.

  12. Excellent post! The existence of Blogville and other "ether" communities is proof that the universe is more than we can see. “Believe something and the Universe is on its way to being changed. Because you've changed, by believing. Once you've changed, other things start to follow. Isn't that the way it works?”
    ― Diane Duane, So You Want to Be a Wizard
    Love Barb

  13. Oh yes, very well said YAM-Aunty. Great post. If I hadn't been involved in Blogville I would not have known that online communities can be fun, informative, supportive and full of kindness, respect and courtesy.
    Happy Blogville Thanksgiving! (It's good to have something to celebrate in Scotland in November!)
    Cheers, Gail.

  14. Beautiful Post. We are thankful for YOU!

  15. that is awful you had to deal with those nasty peeps! I can't believes that. How rude indeed! I agree, there really isn't any other place like Blogville! I only remember one 'fight', and I truly believe that was just a misunderstanding, that, with time, would have been forgiven. I think everyone here is loving and beautiful, and I really can't imagine being without it! And I can't imagine Blogville without YOU! Thank you for all your wonderful comments and wonderful posties! I loves them all!
    Ruby ♥

  16. Our Blogville described in truth and with eloquence. When you said, "here in the slower, more thoughtful place of the blogging, we generally find the places we want to linger and those places we wish to pass by in a hurry and can do so without too much bother. We can find the people of like mind and similar interests - or those from whom we wish to learn more about something, or whose take on life offers something to help us understand its complexities just that bit more." something clicked with me. That's exactly why I love following some, and others I just let go. I have no idea why I have not stopped by to visit before now, but I will be back. By the way, where in the world are you (generally, anyhow)?


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