'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menosukhi Moment; memorific

As was mentioned here last Friday, there was a concert going on. 'Friends of Amy Moar' was a gathering of musicians of all styles coming onto the stage to share music they had played with the Maestro, or which she had written.

It remains astounding to me just how many lives she touched and those who couldn't come, for any reason, sent heart-warming messages of Love and Respect for a life that was short, but so full and well-lived. It is her musical legacy which truly shines and the various renditions of some of her incredible compositions were truly 'memorific'.         

There were twenty 'acts' with some thirty-five actual participants, and a heap of 'assistants'. The day before, I batch-baked a hundred sweet buns, the other Macs prepared a hundred sandwiches. There were also chips and chocolates and juice and tea.

For the 'official photographer', things did not go altogether smoothly. Despite leaving an hour before one might have thought was necessary, due to the desperate lack of parking, I actually walked in after the concert had begun! Only by two minutes, but to say I was a tad flustered would be putting it gently. So much for all the planning to check out lighting levels and optimum positions and so on. Heaves a heavy sigh... Instead, it was just a matter of get the hat and coat off and start firing that shutter. My aim was to get at least one decent shot of all the artistes.

Yes. Well. Whilst the venue - a church - had brilliant acoustics and social facilities, it did NOT have great lighting. Which was exactly what I feared. In such circumstances as this performance, use of flash is out of the question (and anyway, Fudge's flash is defunct), so it is a case of having to work the settings. Boy did I play... and play... and play... but it was so dim in there I ended up, horror-of-horrors, using only the automatic function... which in its turn chose to shoot on 'night' mode, which means it wasn't just the photographer but the camera, too, which thought we were in the dark. Very disappointing. It meant that of the 129 shots made during the evening, only about 38 were salvageable and even a few of those are questionable. If it were just for myself I would scrap all but a dozen of them. However, it was for each of the folk involved, as a memory of the event. Each has an image - just nothing to get excited or impressed about.

Will share a few with you here on Thursday, and a bit more about the actual concert. This is my confessional. I know you'll keep it to yourselves.

...walks away, despondent...


  1. Oh No I'm so sorry there was camera malfunctions and bad lighting....what a stroke of bad luck. Bless your heart I know you were disappointed. I bet the sweet buns were delicious.
    We'll for sure be here Thursday
    Hugs HiC

  2. Oh how incredibly frustrating all round for the photographer. But the event sounds like a huge success in other respects and a wonderful tribute to Amy's incredible talents and personality.

  3. That's so unfortunate to not be able to capture something that would be so meaningful!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  4. Sorry the photographs didn't go as planned but hope the music made up for it.

  5. Yam, you are incomparable. The musicians who receive mystical pictures will be thrilled.

  6. It sounds like one of "those" days. Sorry that you were flustered. I can imagine how you felt when your camera decided that you were shooting night photos. I bet that those salvageable ones will be very special!

  7. I totally understand that! There must be such frustration on your part. sigh. xx

  8. Your photos will be cherished. It sounds like a wonderful evening (not counting the photographer's frustrations).

  9. I am so sorry things didn't go according to plan. Such a shame as you know you could have done better with more prep. But the concert itself sounds as if it was a great success, which was of course the whole point.

  10. Some events are left for the minds album and not to be shared.


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