'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menoffagainorrhoea; over Easterly

L003 "Loother" here. It was my turn to accompany the YAMster on her sojourn East from Hutch. Reporting is late due to travel:access ratio.

We went to stay with the father of her. He was not a well man. The thing with the Parkinson's and the leukaemia is that immunity for him is low-low-low. When Mac3 arrived for Christmas with an infection, it was only a matter of a day or two before the father succumbed.

(What? I am an educated mouse, you know! I like big words.)

The YAMster was busy. The father needed nursing; mainly with keeping the cough syrup going, the hot food and drinks moving along, the cleaning and housework tip-top and shopping, and getting him to the doctor. All this was necessary because dear Mac1 also caught the dreaded, dirty dose. YAMster had to use both her hands and her head too. My job, therefore, was to ensure that she slept well. I lay on her pillow during the day to clear away all the negative thoughts and sadnesses, and when she was in bed, I was by the side to ensure there was no disturbance.  I take my work seriously. I am sure that having me there helped the YAMster to retain her sense of humour in what might have been a fraught situation.

One of the positives was that she finally got the father shifted from the big, dark room at the North side of his house, to the smaller, brighter and warmer place on the South of the house. It involved a lot of moving of furniture. Big and heavy. Somehow she managed most of it by herself! It took the father a few days to get used to the new arrangement, but he seems to be pleased with it. Some positive comments from visitors helped. The week got colder and colder as it went along so that electric 'living flame fire' was especially welcome!

While she was there, the YAMster got none of her writing done. Not a thing. What she did manage to do was come very close to burning the house down. Croissants. Under the grill. Other things to do. Croissants. Forgotten. No batteries in the father's smoke detector.

It was a close-run thing. Somewhere in the dim and distant future, archaeologists are going to dust off two black, turd-like fossils and ponder upon their origin.

On Friday 5th, the YAMster and I packed up and moved North, to visit Bertie and Miss Gail. Come back tomorrow to hear something about that trip! You can, of course, go visit Bertie's blog today and get some of that news from his own sweet paws!

The YAMster has asked me to remind you that there is to be a running challenge this year for any who wish to take it up; Final Friday Fiction. Check out the Rulez page! It's open to any blogger, and you don't have to do it every month, but give it a go; you might surprise yourself!


  1. I like to think about things archaeologists will puzzle over. I've been guilty of some, on purpose.

  2. I often wonder what outlandish explanations future archaeologists and even palaeontologists will dream up to explain some of our stranger habits!
    Cheers, Gail

  3. My word we are exhausted reading all of Yam's duties. My goodness we are glad you were there Loother to keep her company and her bed guarded.
    My peeps detecto battery started giving the beep beep I'm dying noise to us us at 1 am on Monday morning. Needless to say all detector batteries were changed at first light. We are thankful Father is on the mend. And very thankful YAM-ster stay well.
    Hugs madi and mom

  4. Hello, I hope father is doing better now. I am glad the fire department did not have to be called, sounds like a hair raising times. Wishing you a happy Thursday.

  5. i am breathless with laughter over the archeologist find in the future. i once nearly burned our kitchen down by putting corn tostata shell in toaster to light brown. one burst into flames, hubby grabbed the burning toaster and threw it outside and put it out with the hose, leaving the blackened white cabinets for me to clean. needless to say i never put them in the toaster oven again. i do like the room with the fire place, looks pretty and cozy and warm.

  6. forgot to say i could never move that furniture without a lot of help

  7. Sounds like the YAMster got a lot done and all of it was very good.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  8. Yam is a fa more patient person then Lady - Lady doesn't have a nursing bone in her body!mglad you were there to help.

  9. Glad you were helping Yam Aunty while she was nursing and caring for the father
    Hazel & Mabel

  10. that was a lot of work for the yamster... wow. But I'm glad together you completed that mission...

  11. That reminds me: I need to put the batteries back in the smoke alarm!! Thank you for reminding me Loother!!

    As for actually getting something nearly burning down: I remember I forgot the gravy pan one day. It was full when I put it on high and by the time my neighbour rang the doorbell without his finger leaving the bell, there was only smoke, plus the charred remains of two sausages left. No felines to help and no smoke alarm either!!

    Hope you and Yamini were/are having a good time despite hard work and fire drills.

  12. future diggers will find many things in our trash piles! Hope your grand dad is feeling better. janice xx

  13. Oh, Yam, I read "it was only a matter of a day or two before the father succumbed" and thought your father had passed over!
    I went back a reread. sigh.
    I hope all of you are getting better! Miraculously, I didn't get my normal pneumonia in the fall!!! all the best xx


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