'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

MenoSundays; Life Lived Lovingly

It will not have escaped notice that there is a major sporting event taking place in a corner of the world which has, to say the least, been causing a few hearts to beat faster in recent times. There is no getting around the fact that North Korea and its administration pose a conundrum in the socio-political world. Since the year began, however, South Korea found it within themselves to invite their severed 'family' to a meal; a main of sporting endeavour, with a dessert of detente. With a mixture of surprise and consternation, the world watched as the North accepted.

Those of you who watched the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang will each have your own view on it. From here in the Hutch, it was thought beautiful. There was grace, there was elegance, there was restraint leading to a grand crescendo. There was a showcase of technological advancements whilst honouring the traditional life. There were the appearances of mythological and legendary characters, conceived in the imagination. The same imagination it takes to think of - and create - the electronic illusions we saw before us. There can be no innovation without imagination. Speeches were kept short and were as directly spoken as any I can recall, with a sense of genuine plea, beyond the usual homilies and rhetoric.

There was the presence of the sister of N. K.'s leader and there was a handshake between her and S.K.'s leader. It was only a matter of hours later that we heard there was a meeting between these two folk in which a hand-written invitation from N.K. to S.I. was extended to further the renewing of connection. As I write this some ten hours before publishing, the possibility of further advances in this situation may well have taken place.

Notable sour point; the main representative of the USA administration made no attempt to share in this loosening of spirit. Indeed, he is reported to be advocating the complete opposite.

This, despite seeing with his own eyes the march of athletes from all over the world who only wish to practice their talents over and above any artificial boundaries and political intrigue. Who wish only to compete with national pride and not nationalistic gnashing of teeth. Despite seeing the Unified Team Korea marching before him...and, then, as I type this and the Ladies' Speed Skate prepares to start, Moon Jae-in enters the arena and makes his way to Mike Pence and makes the moves of greeting...

Yes, caution must be exercised, but the whole message of that opening ceremony was Love of the capital 'ell' colour. The message of S.K. to the world is that peace is not an impossibility. It just takes effort. True, it might fail, but that is no reason not to try. It requires some courage to buck the trend.


tech note; as this BBC clip is from their own tubular channel and has no restrictions to sharing put on it, I think that everybody ought to be able to see it. If for any reason it is blocked where you are, forgiveness, please.


  1. YaYa,
    It was indeed an awe inspiring and beautiful opening ceremony...full of so much spectacular sights and sounds and talent and dedication. Having worked with and admire many, many S. Korean grad students and post docs over my 25 years of employment, I learned that they are a peaceful, accepting and loving people. I learned of their fears also. They rejoice in each day and are thankful in spite of the turmoil in which they have live for a very very long time.

    One of my favorite S. Korean post docs, who ALWAYS made a point of coming by my office every day to say hello and chat. I always loved learning their customs and traditions about their beautiful country. I'll never forget a conversation I had with him, upon a return from a trip home. I asked about his trip. To which he replied that it was wonderful to see everyone and have mom's cooking; however, mom was very disappointed that he had a bit of a farmer's tan, his words. His mom didn't like that. While over here he started wearing golf shirts and sleeves due to the hot summers we had. He walked to our office from his apartment. Mom's are funny. Anyway he returned home to become a Professor of Physics, married had two beautiful children. I always get a Christmas greeting from him. This past year he, his wife and children spent his year long sabbatical in Boston at MIT. He wrote me once while here that was very anxious about the goings on in NK while he was here.

    I liken the turmoil there with how it might be if North Carolina and South Carolina were odds, obviously on a much more complicated and political scale or when any countries have differences. I don't live there so I just have to accept that each country has their reasons. It has been going on for a very very long time and will not be solved overnight.
    I have struggled for years to understand conflicts between neighboring nations that has been going on longer than I've been alive.
    i.e. Northern Ireland and Ireland, Israel and Palestine. When you live that close to each other you must make concessions.

    Anyway Korea (both South and North) is a beautiful country.

    Hugs HiC

    1. pardon grammatical errors..YIKES...just re read and some of my verbs and adverbs could use help along with past tense corrections. LOL

    2. Hari OM
      LOL... I'd say you need Grammarly... but it doesn't work on the embedded comments of Blogger! Even I style find errors in my comments there - despite 'proofing'!!! It didn't affect the reading of this story of your lovely friend. I'm glad your memory was prompted. Yxx

    3. ...blimey, and there was one in the second sentence...sigh...

  2. Loved the video! Thanks for posting!
    I could write reams about the current state of politics, but with the job I have and the work we do, I have to keep my opinions off the interweb.

  3. We enjoyed the opening ceremony. How can you not try for peace
    Hazel & Mabel

  4. I did not watch it but I'm so glad to hear this positive report from you and I do hope that it's a beginning that will end up with a peaceful solution to these problems

  5. We've been enjoying it, too. It's tricky with our time difference, though!!!

  6. Sigh. Yes, VP Pence is not my idea of the hands and feet of Jesus. Really. namaste, janice xx


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