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Menolyrical - Final Friday Fiction

It's FFF time again folks! If you are wondering what it's about, check out the Rulez page for details.  There have been some wonderfully creative and varied responses so far this year. CLICK HERE to see the previous three instalments of the Hindertwig tales. You can also look at the links to others who participated and see how they got inspired. Go on, have a go; just let the words or phrases which jump out of the lines on page 87 lead your mind around its secret corners!!!

The book taken by myself this month is Alexander McCall Smith's 'The Woman Who Walked in Sunshine'

    8.    As an ally
12.   Something confidential
16.   Edge to his voice


For several more days, Hill Bert and Low Sooz continued as they had always done, grazing with the secondary flick of the herd. By virtue of Hill Bert’s being fourth, they had occasionally loped with the lead flick, which made them cuspers. Not really of one flick or the other. It was seen as an advantageous position, having a level of authority without too much responsibility. As Low Sooz was ninth, they had to stand a little betwixt and between. For him to reach first would be trying enough, but they also had to work on raising her through the ranks to second, and that could well be trickier.

It essentially meant that despite being her permanent, Hill Bert would have to act as an ally to Low Sooz. It might even mean that they would have to consider mating separately in the next routh.  When he had spoken to her of ‘eight’ ahead of them, he had not been including himself. Instead, he had been placing Vidge’s first buck son in the mix, which was custom at such times.  Whilst in the general running of the herd he was fourth, in terms of their moving to leadership, Hill Bert had to consider himself as equal ninth to his permanent.

“Soozma,” he murmured the endearment when they were separate from others, “I have something confidential I need to discuss. Will you walk with me to the falls?”

Low Sooz just turned and headed that way as affirmation.

They found a soft mound of froth moss, dappled by the shadows of the Shylet tree, the leaves breaking the sunlight into quick hard sherds and twinkles. As they settled upon it, Hill Bert could feel his blood rushing. He did not want to do this, but there was a long game to be played.

“Soozma dearest, we must now set firm plans for our rise. Vidge will leave freely, so our focus must be on the remaining six.” He could hear an edge to his voice, brought on by the stress of this new step. “It would not go well if we were seen working as one. With the upcoming routh, we must seek different mates.” Low Sooz gave the softest of gasps but also nodded. He loved her still more.

“I believe it will go best if I concentrate on Kern Tup and Meenlah. Kern is older than Vidge, and I sense he is growing weary of holding position. Meenlah was Vidge’s permanent until last year; this year I intend to make her mine, thus becoming third.” He paused for breath and to check Low Sooz. She took up the plot.

“Should I make a play for Vidge’s attention? Bypass the others and become second by direct action?”

Hill Bert was slightly aghast. He had been thinking several moves, but Low Sooz had seen a clear path. It could be risky but would have them positioned in this year itself.

(497 words) © Yamini Ali MacLean 2018

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  1. Ohhhhh YAM another wonderful weaving of words and OMCs we love the names of your characters.
    You have quite an imagination for names.!! Our story is ready to auto pop up at 12 am 3/30/18.
    Happy Evening
    Hugs madi and mom

  2. I love McCall Smith! You used his words wonderfully!

  3. What a great tale! We have loved Hill Bert and Low Sooz and can't wait for next month.
    We promise when Mom is not so furry busy we will pawticipate again. Mommy is so furry tired of the constant grind.

  4. oooh you picked one of my favorite series... I love the n°1 ladies' detective agency!!! and you inspired my today to get some more books of this serie ;O)))

  5. I can't tell you how much I love your word play...I can't wait to see how Hill and Sooz work their way to the top!

    We are in the midst of the whole house showing/selling/looking for a new place madness, but I hope to have something next month.

    Thanks for hosting such a great monthly event!

  6. Playing the long game indeed.
    I'm afraid we didn't manage an FFF this month. I know you'll understand.
    Cheers, Gail.

  7. a new author for me to check on, have not heard of McCall Smith, my maiden name is McCall so maybe we are kin, but then why can't i write fiction??

  8. This is a wonderful writing prompt! And wonderful writing. I'm concentrating on drawing these days., or I'd participate! xx


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