'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menoffagainorrhoea; The Day After The One Before

Then came the 20th June. The morning was taken up with a car boot sale in a field out the back of Needham Market lake.

Every man and his dog was there... I walked around the entire thing and came away with only one item. A little folding camp chair to keep in L'il Ren's trunk for picnics. Aitch got some toy kitchen furniture to keep for wee Zoe, as well as about ten pounds of strawberries and some plants. We met up with Our Friend, who also got plants and then went back to her home to have a cuppa and chat with her elderly father.

Home for lunch, then out to Otley Hall for an afternoon outside in the sun. Although I did take the chance to look inside. Only two rooms open, but they were impressive enough!

This modern globe was resting with Australia up.
How could I resist but photograph it?!
Have let the pictures speak to you down to here... as this is a privately owned property, there is actually not a lot available about its history, despite it's being an important example of Tudor architecture. In terms of the house and its early owners, the details at the bottom of the current sales particulars offer the best info. (Yes, it's for sale!!!) Additional to this is an article by the owner prior to the current ones in which is described a little more of the social context and refurb of the gardens... I wonder if the next owner will keep it private, or offer it to National Trust?

Aitch and I felt restored from the serenity of the gorgeous grounds and the company of peacocks...


  1. I have never seen an albino peacock. Beautiful photos of the private property and architecture.
    Hugs HiC

  2. Oh goodness - these photos really captured my heart. I feel serene just looking at them, and can imagine what a delightful afternoon you spent. I, too, have never seen a white peacock before. But I'm entirely enchanted.

  3. I love white peacocks and it and its mate certainly looked a whole lot better than the peacock my sister and I saw today: very few feathers left in its tail!

    That house is gorgeous and if I were to have the squadrillions they no doubt ask for it, I might be sorely tempted...

  4. Beautiful pictures, a beautiful property. The one closest to my heart, of course, is the old outbuilding, with brambles growing and moss on the tiles.

  5. What a beautiful house and property. I hope it finds new owners that just love it!

  6. That is one impressive home! We love the gardens and that "mosaic" square. Wouldn't it be beautiful to see those peacocks with their wings spread wide!

  7. what a wonderful place... and we love the peacocks... the mama would like to have a couple too, but then I think our neighbours would start the next bastille day with beheading the mama ;O)

  8. that huge chimney is impressive all by itself. a beautiful place, gardens and inside/outside. I would like to visit this myself, minus the peacocks...

  9. beautiful, beautiful! We did not know there were white peacocks!!! So pretty
    Hazel & Mabel

  10. What an amazing property. It must be like our big cottages here. Families simply cannot keep them up. They move, they don't have the need for such spaces. It is impressive, such a history buried in those walls.

  11. Once again your photos speak to my Scotch Irish soul. namaste, janice xx


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