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(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menoffagainorrhoea; Saturday Sighs

Before continuing the Suffolk Saga, let me remind you that Final Friday Fiction is coming upon us fast again! Prepare yourselves... now...

To complete the Friday outing, after Snape Maltings, there were some more geocaches on Aitch's list which involved churches. Needless to say, they required the Fudge's attention! First, St John the Baptist at Snape.

Each of the churches entered held its own unique presence. As much as anything, the character would come from the area around the door where they all would have a visitors book and collections box, and in some cases, pamphlets, postcards or even bric-a-brac stalls - I obtained a lovely bracelet at one and added the cost of that to my donation. This wasn't a souvenir type of holiday, but I shall have fond memories every time I wear that bracelet now!  Most churches held sufficient information to make the visit an exploration as well as simply an experience of sitting. Even the one or two which didn't have much still provided a space worth the entering.

Following Snape, it was just a short drive to Friston and the church of
St Mary the Virgin. This was a very different space than any of the others we visited on this particular series of drop-bys!

Amazing decoration and definitely more a 'Catholic' feel than any other of the Church of England (Anglican) buildings I'd experienced. It is a parish church but has something of a cathedral-like quality to it.

Anyway, that ended our Friday outing and by the time we came home, we were both a bit weary, not least from the heat. Aitch had a 'bit of a cold'. There was something more going on with me though and I wasn't really paying enough attention I realised. By the time Saturday arrived, it was obvious to me that the old Chronic Fatigue issue was making itself felt. I had to ask Aitch that we limit ourselves to something very local and short duration for the day - I just could barely get the body moving in the morning. Very disappointing for me and I know it was a bit disconcerting for my friend. That said, we did make a very lovely visit into the local 'big' town of Ipswich to view the Unitarian Meeting House. The Meeting House dates from 1700 and is also, needless to say, listed. Slap-bang in the town centre, it was buffered from the traffic frenzy by the lovely listed all-glass-sided Willis Building, a courtyard of houses dating from a similar period as the Meeting House, and also a good bit of ground.  At this place, there was the most delightful Paulette, who introduced us to some of the history and something of the philosophy of the Unitarians. In many ways a simple building, but filled with atmosphere and caring.


  1. Saturday in your title threw me off. Of course it doesn't take much to get the gray matter confused.
    What a beautiful church. The stain glass windows and the wooden pews so lovingly polished til the glisten
    Hugs HiC
    Must think about Final Friday...I loved what Beth did last month. So clever

  2. Perhaps it's no surprise that a church called St Mary the Virgin comes in at the High Anglican end of the CofE spectrum! I'm sorry that the fatigue reared it's ugly head at the end of the trip - the heat cannot have helped (although you, of course, are more acclimatised than most Scots!) I do hope you're feeling OK again now?
    Cheers, Gail.

  3. I could spent hours in churches... there are so much details what are like time machines..and it is interesting to imagine what sorrows hopes or wishes the people had who came once to that church...

  4. my favorite of all the buildings is number 2 and 3 UP from the last photo... I much prefer that over the cathedral. I love the stone church with the cemetary, I like stone anything.

  5. Hope you are back to healthy!!

    I know I would get lost in any church in your neck of the woods...the history and my imagination would definitely get the best of me!

  6. There are small chapels in the area where I live. Well, if you consider 75 K radius an area. Large German settlement area was what influenced the buildings. Mix that with the Mexican, Spanish and just plain cowboy traditions and that makes for quite the mix. I do so enjoy your photos both inside and out of all the churches.

    Wishing you a speedy recovery. namaste, Janice xx

  7. My, such interesting architecture!!! I find it interesting, my mom always said that sometimes high Anglican was higher than some Catholic churches!


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