'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menoizikul; midweek musicalisms

OMG - what a find - imagine riding a train and finding this along the carriage!!! I love Alan as an actor, but here he is busking one of my fave tunes.
Alan Cumming Busks on the Green Line from neddershred on Vimeo.


  1. What a treat that would have been. I'm not familiar with Alan Cummings as an actor or singer...I sure do like that song and his voice.
    Hugs HiC

  2. I love trains, that means I like looking at all the train things and the way the lights flash in the windows. he does have a nice voice... I see people in the back ground taking cell videos.. bet they were surprised

  3. I like this...thank you for introducing me to something new! It makes me cry it is so beautiful!

  4. What a lovely video. Cummings sure is a multi-talented entertainer. I wish there was more information about the musicians and the song.

  5. That would certainly make for a very enjoyable train ride. We enjoyed his singing too.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  6. What a way to bring some joy into some life.
    Coffee is on

  7. ooooh caledonia and so wonderful pawformed... WE LOVE IT!!!!!!...because it was written in brittany by dougie?

    1. Hari OM
      Yes, Dougie MacLean wrote the song on a beach in Brittany back in the 1970s... it became a ballad for all time since! Yxx

  8. It was wonderful and such a treat for us and for the peeps on the train!

  9. Jamming on the Beatles today. Will catch this later! namaste, janice xx


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