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Me... Now Then... I's Here!

 Another later than usual post. Sigh. Anyhoo; here are some glimpses of handiwork. I wanted to learn some more advanced things in crochet. Mosaic style interests - and I adapted it for my very first project with the technique, using one yarn rather than multiples. The little bag is about the size of a credit card and a tad wider.

Then there is 'free-forming'; working multiples of yarn and colour in a totally random fashion of stitches and matching. The bits I show you here are expanding... more on that before too long!

Now then peeps, it's time to remind you that next week FFF is due!!! Pick a pic and write all about it; prose, poetry, erratic and soulful sentences, wilful words, pulsing phrases. Anything goes. So come join in!


  1. Beautiful stitching and color of the credit card holder...can't wait to see more of your original creation!!

  2. YAM your little bzg looks like you have used post stitches. It's charming and i love the colour. (F)

  3. we love the colors!!! this blue is like the sky should be every day!!!

  4. Hi Yam - well done, love the colours ... and it's something I cannot do - but enjoy your finger working creatives. Have a peaceful weekend - Hilary

  5. What an adorable little bag. I love seeing your work!

  6. I like those petals you are adding to the colorful one. can't wait to see it completed. love the color and stitches in the little bag.. little girls would love to play with it, like a tiny bag for them or their dolls..

  7. What a cute little bag. We are very curious to see how your free form piece will come out.

  8. Beautiful needlework with divine colors too !

    Live each moment with love,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  9. The purse yarn looks soft and gentle. lovely work, Yam. namaste, janice xx


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