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MenoSundays; Life Lived Lovingly

 And still the clock ticks, the sun covers the sky, the clouds paint patterns over the land. 

Shadows sleekly linger longer along the ground on which we stand. 

Blessed First Advent to you all.


  1. Thank you Yamini and to you!!
    Hugs to you all Cecilia

  2. I love "the clouds paint patterns over the land". A very Scottish image.

  3. Beautiful imagery! Wishing you a blessed, tranquil and safe advent season. Hugs.

  4. Thanks Yam - my thoughts and hugs are with you ... as you and the family travel with your father along his last road on earth ... have a peaceful Advent - with thoughts - Hilary

  5. Thank you jam! And I love the Advent candle at the end it is twinkling at me as I type and the quote is beautiful and oh so true no matter what happens to us or what goes on in this world that quit is true

  6. We continue to send thoughts, prayers and hugs♥

  7. Within the shadows linger the seeds of new life. namaste, janice xx


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