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Menooflummerixilating; Getting Through Lists

It's been quite the week. Again. Mac1 and I started making lists even as we were already working them. Fair fashing aboot, we've been.

All the calls, the emails, the plannings. The family face-offs when each has had a different story from the father as to what was to happen when the clogs popped off. He was a likely lad that way. A mischief-maker. A setter of cats among pigeons. Often it had hilarious results. Equally, it could have dire effects. He took no responsibility for it either way. 

Thankfully, we are a family who gets through face-offs without too much collateral damage. 

We are also a family of list makers. This week the majority of the listing and ticking has fallen to me simply because I have the time and was any way the main point of contact. The registration of death has yet to be completed - that will be the most onerous of the tasks, really. Now that I have found all the relevant paperwork. Another of dad's traits - why file logically. Why file at all..? But things have been found and some major clearing out has begun in the process.

So my list today is considerably less than it was yesterday and almost down to zero compared to what it was on Monday. 

It's a process and we have to get through it. Would have been good to have the old fella here now to play a tune as I worked. Still, now he will be setting up a fine hoolie in the ether with his granddaughter The Maestro. Yes. I can feel my head bobbing and my feet tapping at the thought of it.

(That's dad, over on the right, grey jumper...and I think you will have to click the link through to the tubular to actually watch this, sorry.)


  1. YAM list are a must with all that is required at times like this.
    We took many many many trips down to the Register of Deeds in April 2013 and 2014 when my parent's passed.
    I really enjoyed the video...first pop up unavailable but then it went to YouTube.
    It was a knee slapping tune.
    Hugs Cecilia

  2. Oh yes. I know I won't be teh only reader all too familiar with the 'list phase'...

  3. Oh, the joys of a musical family! namaste, janice xx

  4. I appreciates a good list. There is nothing one can't accomplish with a list. We always think if the death as the end, and it is, but it is also the beginning of a whole new chapter.
    My father has the same filing habits.

  5. I am totally useless without a list. If it isn't on the list, it has a very slim chance of getting done on time:)

    That was a fine jam session!!!

  6. Your lists will keep you organized while you work through all that is needed right now. I enjoyed the video too.

  7. The only thing better than lists is making music with friends.

  8. I always work off lists. Mind you, sometimes they are an already done list!
    Hugs from away. xx

  9. Lists will keep you going at a time like this one. Be kind to yourself. Hugs.

  10. we are list-makers too... but we often forget the list or can not find it back when we need it...maybe a list for the list would help?

  11. I wouldn't get a thing done without my list.

  12. I can feel your pain because I've been to the process with my mom and my dad and I know it can become an ordeal. Luckily there was only me and my brother and we both agreed on everything so there was nothing with family involved. I love the video and I have never heard that many harmonicas playing at one time. My Dad loved to play the harmonica he was 9 years older than your dad but Barry simula and he also died from Parkinson's

  13. Dear Yam - it's bureaucratic, yet necessary ... at least you have family around to help, though most of it will fall to you, but supportive family and friends around. I was the carer, my brother and other brother's wife did the work ... with many thoughts and hugs - Hilary

  14. Klem klem klem! Just make sure you take the time for you (and the same goes for the other Macs). Things need to be done and sorted, I know, but you-time is very important too!



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