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Menorgraffikul; Art Meets Giraffe

Thank you all for the birthday greetings during the AZing thing. I did actually have a rather fun day reading everyone else's posts and watching snooker (yes, I love snooker - chess with balls... cough!)

Back in March, I had been looking around the net for something which I don't entirely recall at the moment - but which, as these things often do, resulted in me landing somewhere totally unexpected. The Kunsmatrix platform allows anyone aspiring in the world of art to display their work virtually. I had a wander around a few 'galleries' and came upon one that really caught my imagination. One picture in particular. Then a second. Looking more deeply at the info, I found them to be within my budget and I determined immediately that these were to be my birthday present to myself. (Long-termers here know that I like to collect a little bit of art here and there.)

Anyway, I sent in my request and had a wonderful email exchange with the artist, Julie McMurray. Not only did she offer a generous discount (as I am a pensioner) but she lives in lovely Lancaster and has an active, bright and cheerful Instagram stream

So what was the art I bought? A gorgeous rendition of the Sydney Opera House brightened up in the style of Klimpt - and the Giraffe In Love... with which I am much in luurrrvvvv and cannot help but smile every time a gaze upon it!

Oh, here you are - a full-frontal of the Raffy and his Rose...

copyright Julie McMurray 2021

Thank you, Julie - they are everything I hoped and more!!!

I got lots of lovely greetings... and a surprise special chocolate bar from Bertie and Gail (which I have had two bites from - yes, I am really that restrained, but it may not last much longer for it is delicious). From Aitch, there was a voucher to the big A and I purchased two more of those excellent wire shelves for the kitchen tidy up - and then a truly surprise bunch of flowers from our wonderful blogpal and all-around fabby human being, Mara. Spoiled or what?

Now I don't have to keep lifting one pack or tin to reach another beneath it!

This counter was two-thirds covered with all my stuff -
now look - usable acreage!!!


  1. The Giraffe is real cute!

    Self indulgence is a necessity!

  2. I adore the giraffe.
    You must be the world's most self-disciplined chocolate eater!!!
    Cheers, Gail.

  3. we love raffy&rose... it has somethinh what touched our hearts...

  4. I always buy something for myself for my birthday as well. At least that way I know for a fact that I will just love it. I haven't figured out what to get for myself this year though, some more severe thinking required.

    I love the giraffe and can totally understand why you got it. And the opera house is fantastic as well, but for me more about Klimt (love that artist) than the actual opera house.
    Glad you got spoiled on your birthday. You certainly deserve it.


  5. I would love to hang that giraffe on my wall. it is specail. the opera house is beautiful and she is a gifted artist. great job buying you gift, if we buy it ourselves we know we love it. those wire stackers are amazing. I am very fond of all your pops of red. to me red in the kitchen makes me happy. which reminds me of somehing in my past i should post about.

  6. We love that art and think the giraffe is so cute with his rose. You received some very thoughtful gifts for your birthday.

  7. Raffy and his Rose WOW very happy and so colorful. I like Julie's Sydney Opera House too. She has an eye for perfect colors. You had a loved filled and mighty fine bday in the Hutch
    Hugs Cecilia

  8. I had been wondering about your kitchen upgrade. Looks great! And that Mara is one special lady. namaste, janice xx

  9. Such beautiful Gifts! And I love Julie McMurray's art! It is stunning! And I love what you have done with the hutch...if you were closer, I would conscript you to help with Casa Kowalik! Thanks for visiting us and thanks for your WONDERFUL posts! I love visiting! Have a marvellously wonderful weekend!

  10. I love a bit of sorting - makes me very happy. Truly it does!

  11. The giraffe is wonderful and the flowers are just beautiful!

  12. What a wonderful and adorable giraffe painting!!

  13. The giraffe in love, a wonderful gift to oneself.

  14. That giraffe is amazing, and makes it a happy birthday on its own. You are loved! xx


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