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MenoSundays; Life Lived Lovingly

Among the abundance of stuff that appeared in the Hutch last Monday was (re)discovered a poesie... a booklet of calligraphed poems and artistic embellishments that I had created for my parents' 30th wedding anniversary. (I did another for the 50th, but more on that in due course.) Suffice to say I was surprised, for I had forgotten doing it. I was also a little flushed at seeing how neat was my work - though saying that, I have chosen three to share here that are not of the best of the penmanship on show, but the words suit for the moment. 


  1. OOooOoOOoooOOoo I love your choices and the calligraphy rocks!

  2. The trouble taken to do it is a display of your affection.

  3. Fancy writting. Or should say creative pennmenship
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  4. A most impressive range of calligraphy and lovely choices of words.

  5. what an amazing personal gift to your parents on an significant anniversary.

  6. I own my grandmother's poesie album, which she must have gotten in her late teens. Some members of her family, some friends have entered small poems of greater or lesser skill. Some added in some biblical texts. My mother has two albums that I will appropriate come the time. And I myself have one as well. Also filled with family and friends of the time (primary school age). They are such amazing booklets which for me are on a par with photos as they say so much about a person.

    You being able to read through your parents' albums again is a blessing. And I like how you found such fitting quotes as well.


  7. These are wonderful and I love the calligraphy!

  8. It is lovely to re-discover our lost art and creations - only last week I was looking at my sketchbooks. I had not heard of the term poesie book before.

  9. what is essential is invisible to the eye. that resonates with me! Oh for the gift of penmanship that you have. Mine looks like chicken scratch, as in I should have been a doctor. the only solace is Bob's is worse than mine. I have not heard the words posie album, but I see it in your post and a comment. and that brings me to the fact, just 2 days ago in my quest for organization, I uncovered the album I was presented when I retired back in 2006.. in it there is a pocket and in that pocket there are about 20 letters from people I worked with. I sat and read them and found myself wondering just who the person was that they were writing about. it is in fact a POSIE album.. I enjoyed this a lot

    1. Hari OM
      Poesie is a collection of poems... Posy (posie) is a collection of flowers or trinkets - such as your pocket of letters, which I am sure was a delightful reconnection! Yxx

  10. YAM my 'regular' handwriting leaves a lot to be desired
    OMCs/OMDs your calligraphy is truly amazing as are the words.
    Hugs and thank goodness blogger behaved today

  11. What lovely poems to share in you specially written way. That's such a sweet remembrance of your parents.

  12. What a treasure for you as it was for your parents, too. Thank you for sharing another of your wonderful talents with your blogger family. namaste, janice xx


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