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Me-Now-Views; Less Speak More Peek

 ...or "Mooning Around"... 

I worked both the Hisstix and the Fudge to see what I could make of the supermoon. Not that much, truth be told, but still, an interesting photographic exercise. I am so badly out of practice! The first two are taken with the H; one on wide-angle looking through the Hutch's window and showing reflection on the waters of the Clyde, and one of Luna with a full stretch of the lens on that handicam. (Note the haze from the humid air.)

Now for a few from the Fudge, which has the stronger lens and with which I played around more on exposures. I took heaps with both units, but have selected only the best. Which tells you how bad the rest were!!!

The Waxing Moon at Midnight Plus

The Lights of Wemyss Bay

On a Clear Night Ten Miles Away... The Lights of Hunterston Peel Port

Full Moon Supertrouper (those are Hunterston lights on the far right)

Wemyss Bay lights and the Supertrouper Reflections

Full Stretch of the Fudge's Lens Removes The Haze


  1. Moon and night pictures are always a challenge. You did a great job.

  2. we love it!!! sadly our samsucker-cm is not strong enough to work at night (or it is in the union and not allowed to do nigh shifts)?

  3. Night photography is notoriously difficult - but they would make good prompts for reinterpretation as paintings. I like nocturne paintings from Van Gogh to Edward Hopper to some of the impressionists.

  4. Moon's always a tough subject. Loved the reflections photo!

  5. Your photos are just gorgeous! Love that full moon!

  6. My favourite is 'The Lights of Wemyss Bay'

  7. they are all good to me, and the first one and supertrooper are my favorties. good job with both cameras

  8. We love 'em all but particularly the top half of the first one. Haze can be part of the art, softens things. xxx Mr T

  9. GORGEOUS! I love them all! We have been having severe thunderstorms, the one last night went on for a couple of hours, so we have had a terrific night light shows. I can't wait for a nice clear nigh (and one where I am not so tired)

  10. Well, being an total amateur when it comes to photography, you could have fooled us. Every photo is gorgeous!!! Love all the night shots.

  11. I thought I had left a comment when I first view these photos. Lovely series of night shots. Excellent moon shots.
    namaste, janice xx


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