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Menolibrikul; E-Book Reviews, Part Three

Today, I bring you once again two reviews in one post... just because I can...

As one who aspires to write poetry in various forms, I am also keen to see how others express through this medium. I confess I might not have naturally gravitated toward this particular collection had it not been recommended highly by two other bloggers I respect. It does not disappoint.

One reason I might have overlooked it is the title. There is a tendency in me to avoid overtly feminist items - not because I don't believe there is a need to be heard; I just find that much in that area is strident and prone to be as problematic as any chauvinism. But, let me reassure you, this is NOT the case with Huma's writing. Definitely, she makes clear the issues which still plague 50% of the population but does so with sensitivity and clarity without sounding battle cries and chest-thumping. Also, despite the title, it is really only the first part that is specific to "She." The remaining three ("Dilemma", "Inspired", and "Random Thoughts") cover much wider territory. All arise from the experience of recent times, politically and pandemically. 

Easily and quickly read, I found myself re-reading in particular, Her Voice, Strong Is The New Beautiful, Sin, and Reach.

The layout and presentation is eye poetry also. Gorgeously segmented with a unifying blue, each section has its own colour in addition. Images are delicately imposing, and each poem has a perspective comment preceding it. 

If you enjoy short, sharp writing and seeing through another's eyes, then I do recommend this to you. You can download it from Blogchatter - or if you prefer not to sign up there, request the PDF from me.

For my second choice today, let me share something rather close to my heart (and stomach!).

Oh my word, it was shameful how I drooled reading these recipes (I have also now followed Shail's blog!!!) Yes, she does use ingredients I would not include, being sattvika, but this does not make them less appealing, and I readily adapt. There are also ingredients unavailable to me now in the Scottish West's wilds, but I have also learned what substitutes well over the years. For any of my regular readers who may be unfamiliar with terms or ingredients, just email me, and I'll help out. Truly - you want to have this book!!! A look at the list of recipes will give you an idea why...

Breakfast is the best meal of the day, it is said. Certainly, a good breakfast will see one through the day nicely. The sandwiches in the first section all look and sound drop-dead delicious. 
(I confess I have created my own versions of some of these by dint of experiment anyway, but it is good to see I am not a total lunatic!).

Then in the second section, we get more traditional Indian offerings. Regular readers know that I am a bit of a pancake nut - so I gave these eggless ones a go, and they were very good. 

Any one of you who considers his or herself a foodie - or at least a breakfast buff - really should consider obtaining a copy BREADS & BREAKFAST! Do so from Blogchatter - or, again, request the PDF of me.

I mean, really, how can you resist such as this...???!!!


  1. you got me at double bread pizza... that sounds absolutely great!!!

  2. Blogchatter was interesting link. I've never yet found a truly successful blog aggregator. I still miss Google Reader.

    1. Hari OM
      It is not so much an aggregator as a 'club'. Very much about mutual support and encouragement between the bloggers - though, of course, the result is indeed a 'gathering together'. However, this is style is very much of Indian origin - another big one is Indiblogger and there are one or two others. They are driven by mutual interest and various 'projects' such as this e-book carnival event. The closest equivalent I know of in the west (of similar size and intent) is that A-Z challenge (which does now do stuff outside of April). Yxx

  3. Thank you so much Yamini. Happy to know you enjoyed my poetry.

  4. You had me at the word bread but lost me at the word recipe haha. I do not follow recipes very well.

  5. Interesting read for sure, the book by Huma. Shall put it on my reading list. Thank you.

  6. Thanks fot two interesting choices today. The poetry one looks especially tempting. 'Her Voice' is an appealing taster.

  7. Very interesting topics today1 thanks for sharing I enjoy reading about things I don't often follow.


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