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Me-Now-Views; Less Speak More Peek

Another random pick from the Sandeepany archives... in, around, over the fence...

Looking down to the terraces of Annakshetra and Saraswati Nilaya.

On the opposite hillside, 'unregulated housing'...


Looking to the roof terrace of the office building - rehearsals for Janmashtami

Some of the original bhavans (residences) of teaching staff, now used as stores.

Another lifestyle



  1. interesting... we love the little resident in the last photo

  2. What an interesting environment. I would be distracted from my studies by the desire to explore all around me!
    Cheers, Gail.
    PS Heading home today. All has gone well with Bertie - so far!

  3. My favorite picture is the person in the orange clothing laying in the Sun and that is quite a common sight here because we have thousands of homeless in our city and when you go out early in the morning you see them laying on pieces of carpet and rugs and on anything to put between them and the ground. Love the chameleon! And that photo of unregulated housing reminds me of the movie we watch last night it was called 13 days and it was about the disaster in Benghazi and there was street at the street after street that looked just like this photo

  4. Very interesting YAM
    OMCs my old bones hurt looking at the man napping. BUT he does look comfy
    Hugs Cecilia

  5. What an interesting group of photos. The person resting does look very comfy on that hard surface.

  6. Unregulated housing. Photos like that remind me to be thankful. namaste, janice xx

  7. What an interesting collection of picture. We like the rooftop theater.


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