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Menootanaboot; Have Visitor, Will Explore - Part The First

This week's fruit platter, plus
the half-prepped trifle
I was in a flurry last weekend. Preps to be made. Wanted to bake and make and have ready.

Aitch came to stay!!! This is very special, as the last time I saw her was two years back. She has since moved north to near Newcastle, just over the border, and is about four-ish hours drive away. Give or take a pitstop and some roadwork or three. 

Arriving mid-arvo on Monday, and finding a parking spot right outside the Hutch (bonus!), it was a light meal, tea and trifle as first order and verbal download for the pair of us. After that, a walk along the promenade and a sit to contemplate the balmy weather and sharing a smile and greeting with passers-by. Back to the Hutch for some cake. The Olympics on in the background, we just nattered as only we can do into the evening. 

Tuesday dawned, not the brightest, nor particularly warm. We spent the morning lingering over brekky and catching up on the O's and thinking about an outing for the afternoon... the weather brightened and warmed up in just fine time for our departure a little after one pee em. 

Aitch is an avid Geocacher and I am always happy to gad along for that. At Jubilee point, we first stopped to admire the view, the ambience, the light breeze and, surprisingly compared to the recent visit with Neighbour M, lack of midgies. I even attempted an official ussie.

The GPS had us going full circle and back down the In road for a bit to try and locate the cache. Then we decided it had to be approached from the shoreline of Loch Eck. This entailed a bit of goat-like footwork. Aitch felt that a bit too challenging, so off I went in search.

Lots of interesting nooks and crannies, but no cache discovered. Still, I had fun and the old body knew it had been exercised by the time I was back with Aitch. 

Back into the car and off to Strachur and the wee village beside it, called Clachan. Aitch searched and searched and searched - and I did the perimeter of the compound in which the telephone box was sitting. We were again unsuccessful. Never mind, we had spotted an attractive church at the road end so we invited ourselves to look around. The building and the churchyard were to be much admired. It is a little sad, though, that, unlike English churches, most in Scotland are not open for passing pilgrims... we satisfied ourselves with the externals.

Piling back into the car we tracked back towards the Hutch but stopping just once more at the Lauder Monument. That website comments on the 40 steps to the top. What it doesn't say is how precipitous those steps are and just a tad hazardous for a couple o' auld biddies with physical challenges! It was surely worth the climb though. a lovely spot - and the cache here was, at last, discovered!!! We returned home via the war memorial at Sandbank and pizza delivery. 
(Part The Second next Thursday.)


  1. It sounds like you two had a great time exploring. We're glad to hear you finally found one of those geocaches to finish your day.

  2. I am so happy seeing people together after all this time we've had. Your country is so interesting.
    We went walkies today. More on that tomorrow! I am TIRED!!!! xx

  3. Wow, those steps point downhill no matter which way you are slipping and sliding.
    So happy you two managed a visit.

  4. I've done a little Geo cache. the little I done I enjoy it.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  5. So pleased to see that you and Aitch got out and about for a few adventures. Great photos too.
    Cheers, Gail.

  6. we will go for a geocache too.. it is super interesting and you can discover things, you never saw before ;O)

  7. My introduction to the concept of geocache-ing! The photos and your visit are a welcome window, from our 501 days of (essential) isolation.

  8. sounds like you two had an awesome visit and i would have enjoyed it all.. i found out tea grows small on the groudn and can grow into a tree, but not those big ones in the photo. now i know where tea comes from

  9. Isn't it wonderful to be back together with a good friend? It sounds like you had a fun day exploring together. Good to find those caches to complete the day!

  10. YAM can you hear me cheering!! Yay Aitch and You united again.
    What lovely dishes of food and dessert.
    That is some set of 40 steps and wide in between each. The view was fantastic and the beautiful stone tower.
    Hugs and looking forward to next week's installment

  11. Thank you very much for having me to stay, I am back in England now. It is wonderful to see the photos, I never seem to catch to taking them.

  12. What a wonderful visit and such beautiful photos!

  13. you cater magnificently for your guests and we are very jealous of your day out; you really do live in a fabulous part of the world. We miss having visitors to share our space, but we have to be honest the attractions are not the same and one quickly tires of yet another trip to the acropolis with all the thousands of tourists on their checklist whistlestop of famous sites... far better to enjoy some green space somewhere and some gentle exertion with a bit of purpose to it. At least you found one of the caches. And now we might follow H's blog because we LOVE hedgehogs.

  14. Looks like a lovely visit. Never been geocaching but hear it is fun.

  15. That was a wonderful day spent with Aitch. Geocaching sounds like a lot of fun, but all that walking and climbing would do this old gal in.

    1. Hari OM
      LOL - truth be told, it did this ol' gal in a bit too!!! Definitely stretched my limits a bit. No harm in that. Good to still have a challenge or two... Yxx

  16. Hi Yam - looks like you had some great times together ... catching up, filling your minds with the missing chats and details that you've both been sorely missing. Looks great fun - cheers to you and Aitch ... H xoxo

  17. What a delight to spend time together with a dear friend. Catching up can fill many an evening. Sounds like you spent daytime making a few new memories. namaste, janice xx


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