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Menoculayshunal; Being Us

Having written a few lengthier and 'heavier' posts of late, let this one be shorter and lighter. All that learning of how we work as individuals and as a community is all good and well. Ultimately, it is what we face each day that features most in our collective and individual conscience. 

Just because we were living a blessed life on an ashram, it did not mean that the students and staff did not face all the commonplace issues that occur in regular life.

So we found outlets; ways to release tensions and raise spirits to the expected level. In many ways, this was built into the daily routine, too. The very philosophy itself is not ignorant of the pitfalls on the path of the spiritual warrior and there is lots of guidance as to how to distract oneself but in a positive manner - in such a way as to contribute to saadhana and not detract from it.

Music played a large part in this, and other forms of performance. Then there were the multiple festivals and those days when wedding receptions were held on the premises and the standard of food rose several notches! 

Individually, where possible, we meditated, formed our own little study and support groups... in other words, it was as you might find at any university campus. Yes, there were a few renegades who jumped the fence (or more particularly, crawled through it) to go and drink and smoke. I spoke earlier of a few early departures from the student ranks and you might surmise why. One young pair left due to forming too much of a bond - discovered meeting surreptitiously on one of the roof terraces. Then there were the same sorts of differences of opinion that can arise, the clash of personalities and even the occasional "we are not on speaking terms" moments. 

All this played out against the ideal backdrop. A place safe and nurturing albeit with huge personal challenges. With many mature and level-headed folk to steer the more wayward. It was the world in microcosm and to reach through to the end of the course was to have expanded oneself in a great many directions - but also to learn one's limitations and inner potholes.


  1. such a place is like a home or a harbor....

  2. people are people no matter where they are. this is good that you could have these moments togehter. about touching my toes, I have never since birth been able to touch my toes, my back is to stiff, bob has always been able to put his palms flat on the floor, but now just fingers.. sorry for the wandeirng mind

  3. I applaud that Yoga quote. Love it!
    Hugs cecilia

  4. I find myself wondering how the couple who bonded rather too well at the ashram subsequently fared!
    Cheers, Gail.


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