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Menorgulayshun; Something Of This and Something Of That

An eclectic post for you today, chaps and chapesses. Let us begin with a reminder and prompt that next Friday is no less a day than Final Friday and is, therefore, the day to bring out your Fiction, Faction or even "F"ersification

Struggling to think of something to write about? Well, you would do well to remember, too, that it is the last weekend of October and, therefore, SPOOKY would be an excellent place to start. Then again, are you inspired or despairing about this upcoming event?

Apparently, Glasgow thinks there's potential for traffic jams - or maybe a car crash. One could take the view that the conference itself is heading for a prang... Never mind Glasgow - get ready, Earth.

Are you still needing a Kickstarter for FFF? How about telling me what you think it is that spooked wee Moushka here...

It can't have been good, can it?

Now, the weekend is pending. Got plans? If not, I have something to keep you busy. I've uploaded several new images to my jigsaw pages that you might like to spend a few minutes playing with.

In fact, here's one to get you going - have fun, everyone!!!


  1. Oh my, I got so caught up in the puzzle, I almost forgot to comment LOL! Rosy has her post all picked out, thanks for the suggestions!

  2. Love the post! And Puzzles! We just gotta make time for some puzzles!

  3. we are eady for next furryday (the mama thought it is today..she needs a calendar hahahahahahaha)

  4. I hope those road closures will not impede my journey to you in a couple of weeks time?????????

  5. i will play with the puzzle later, have it book marked. i had totally forgotten fff is coming next week. thanks for the reminder... my mad mind will have something to ponder on now... it seems every country on the planet has road closures, they are common here

  6. My FFF has been sitting in auto post for several weeks. It is a true event from Sis and BIL of angel Madi.

    I suspect Moushka might have had a encounter with ghosties...
    Hugs Cecilia

  7. I started a Halloween jigsaw puzzle this morning. It's so sad that I'm so addicted to them ☺

  8. aaaaarrrrrrggghhhhh!!!!!! My humans are packing again...... I wish someone would lock them down again and we could all get good sleep. I will try to get F to write some fiction. xxx Mr T

  9. That is all great inspiration. We are going right now to do some jigsaw puzzles.


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