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Menoxiousity; Tricky Tech

Well, this is gonna be a short one. I had an idea what to do for Thursday posts this coming few weeks - and then it fell out the bottom end of my brain as so often happens with menosoup. Sigh.

What I can share with you today is that there have been trubs on the horizon concerning technology. Last week, the instything stopped letting me put captions and tags on my photos and prevented me from commenting on others' posts. I can still post photos and can still heart other posts. There is no explanation and no help button in IG. Research (and a couple of fans prepared to DM me) caused me to think that this is a 'black mark' against me for excess of something or someone has taken offence. 

Now, you all know me. I hope you are as taken aback by that possibility as I am. For a start, I only follow folk I actually know and have formed some level of relationship with through either blogging or the tubular. I have less than a 100 on my list. Only a little over 100 follow me back. Now that my brother has decided to start an IG account, I have discovered I cannot follow him. Another friend who followed me just last week, I am prevented from following back. The advice seems to be that this is temporary and everything should go back to normal - but the time frame is undefined. 

Frankly, I'm not that bothered from the point of view of posting. I am, however, miffed at some algorithm, having decided I am one of the bad guys. OR, that someone on this list has reported me - given I rarely actually leave a comment, but that when I do, it is usually directly related to the subject of the post, I can't fathom that possibility.

There's a bit of me that could quite easily just diss the thing. But I enjoy sharing my images, and I do love to see what everyone else is doing. Let's see what pans out...

THEN.... dear old Voovoo, the Vaio is letting age get in the way of operations. The DVD drive is defunct. For a few months now, she has been hissing and spitting a bit on her network adaptor, creating lots of i'net dropouts - sometimes only a couple a day, sometimes every hour or so. On Monday, she finally spat her final dummy. I spent a couple of hours mourning the fact I would have to work only with the YAMroid... till it occurred to me that I ought to be able to hook it up so that Voovoo could 'see' the wifi via YAMroid's signal. 

Turns out others thought this through before me and that YAMroid (and all tablets/ smartphones) can tether in this way. So the ageing tablet (which is also, it must be faced, on its downward leg) is now carrying the even older Voovoo over the ether, and I am sooooo grateful for that!

This turns this post that started with a moan into a Thankful Thursday post!!!


  1. Sorry to hear about the IG problems. It's especially aggravating that you seem to have no way to find out why you are being throttled with your actions on that platform or that you have any way of rectifying it other than waiting it out. Also sorry to hear about your computer woes, too.

  2. I been having trouble loading up current photo on my lab top. Maybe when I get back from Thanksgiving dinner. I should give it try..poof it might work.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  3. So sorry about all the tech woes. I recommend a brief break to spend time on algorithm-free activities. Cooking? Crochet?
    Cheers! Gail.

  4. we dislike that tech stuff... there are changes what kick you out of efurrything over night... sigh...

  5. Hopefully your current solution lasts you long enough for another soltion to take its place

  6. Technology can be as painful as it can be helpful!

  7. Shame on techie stuff for even for a nano second thinking Aunty was going against all their rules.
    I hope and purr it is sorted soon! Sometimes techie stuff just baffles this crazy old brain of mine. I don't have a clue how to research. Back sometime ago one could not change headers...thankfully that was magically fixed.
    Hugs HiC and Bcat

  8. I am sorry to hear your woes but happy to hear the new findings in our tech world and will try to remember if I ever need it. my brain, like yours drops things of importance a LOT and keeps things forever that I rather forget. I was once blocked from blogger and got an email telling me I had a post that was offensive. WHAT???? I nearly freaked out because we all know I never do post like that. a couple days later, an email came to apolize because the algorithmi DID IT not the butler. we both LOVE tech and also Episode it at times

  9. I had the same issue with Instagram and after 3 weeks in "jail" I was released. Soooo annoying!

  10. When you think of all the bile and vitriole that doesn't get stopped I can imagine how your photos could have attracted and sort of 'banning' order of digital ASBO. On the tech hook up stuff you lost us; we're just pleased you are still visible. Fz & Pz Mr T and F

  11. Algorithms...they suck! And they are insidious and there are more and more popping up! They are the main reason I such down The Cat From Hell blog and wiped it of the interwebs (that would be 7 years ago) and I don't post anywhere online with my real name. There are things I learned in data security that curled my hair... I do hope you get insta-g sorted out (but they are owned by meta (AKA FB) and they can do no wrong...
    Black Firday has (alas) been going on in Canada (at least the major centres since the 1960s. I recall Balck Fridays at the local K-Mart in the city I grew up in. But then, many Americans think we are the same as they are...


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