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First Friday Filmclub

I have been sharing some fun "van life" videos with you this past few months. All good and well, most of them have family and homes to resort to if required. There are many van-lifers out there who are living this way because it is the best option for them. Some have no other option at all. I was hugely inspired by this story. Su Min, at 56, left her abusive husband and embarked on a nomadic life. She took to social media with her travels and has become an unlikely hero!


  1. she is amazing.... and a hero.... love her style, it seems this kind of life is like a source of youth for her...

  2. Hi Yam - that was extraordinary ... how brilliant to read, and also to know that it can be done in China. Sadly here we don't have the space! Thanks for letting us know about Su Min ... fabulous - cheers Hilary

  3. OH my word what a wonderful adventure. However, I have so many questions. $300 monthly pension would never cover all the expenses here. She must receive lots of 'tips' from her followers. So very proud she escaped domestic abuse into a life full of laughter.
    Hugs Cecilia

  4. she is pretty amazing, even here in usa it would be amazing and to do this in China is a Wow... i am happy for her she found a way to be happy and be herself and that others help her do it

  5. What a wonderful life! I think I could live like that (if it were not so cold here in winter).


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