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MenoAZering; V=Veritas

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VINCIT Omnia VERITAS...  truth conquers all things. But it is such a numinous thing, really. Truth is only as static as the knowledge behind it. To a child, Santa Claus is the truth of Christmas. Until he is not. For centuries, the earth was the centre of everything. Until Copernicus proved otherwise. Newton had us all believing that gravity was a matter of massive attraction. Until Einstein came up with his theory of relativity, and we were presented with four-dimensional concepts (the three dimensions of space and one dimension of time). Now, that truth that held good for so long is being shattered, as even more complex theories bring the possibility of a new level of 'truth'.

We live in times where the 'truth' of all VARIATIONS gets traded. VERILY I say unto you that truth can only be so when held against the pattern of everything around it. The truth of an individual's integrity is only as good as the words and deeds that support it. When VAINGLORIOUS leaders spout all their promises, the truth of their intentions will become VISIBLE only by bringing those things into action. When the people who elected them find that the promises are no more than platitudes or outright lies, you would hope that the VOTERS would be concerned about that person's character and VERACITY. Unfortunately, systems are often set up to prevent an actual representation of the will of the people to manifest...

Nobody is perfect, and we are all prone to mistakes in life. This is part of learning, and most infringements are VENIAL. It is VEXING, though, how often those with self-centred personalities end up at the top of the pile. Those with repeat offences of obfuscation, VERBAL jiggery-pokery, VOID of logic, and shameless in these acts.

As a VEDANTIN, I hold that there is only one absolute truth; no truth is absolute. Each of us can hold onto what we believe to be 'the truth' if that is what keeps life stable for us. But the best of us allows for the possibility that 'the truth' is as subject to change as everything else in this existence. The scientific mind seeks VERIFICATION of data to ascertain the VIABILITY of any given theory. This approach does not have to hold only to the hard sciences. Truth can be quantified as that thing that remains stable while all else is eliminated. If the same result is found on several attempts, that result - at least under the parameters of that experiment - can be held as 'the truth' of that theory/test. Until improved parameters and/or theories arise. 

Problems come when adherents to a given truth think their own VALIDITY can only stand if that truth doesn't shift around them. They fight tooth and nail to defend their VERSION of the truth. In doing this, they prevent the progress of knowledge and understanding. There are many in power, in charge of whole nations, who would have everyone in that nation believe 'their truth' and provide everything but the truth to keep themselves in power. 

Then here, again, we are faced with the one consistently proven truth in the history of the cosmos. Nothing lasts forever, and everything is subject to change.  

Permit me the VANITY of sharing one fact that has held true for sixty-three years; today is my birthday!


  1. Happy, Happy Birthday dear Yamini. I'm up at an unusual hour today on account of travel plans--will be leaving for the airport soon. So, I am thrilled to be able to wish you first thing today. May you spread your light on 'the truths' that matter and may you be VERY pleased with your special day. Hugs. xx

  2. Happy Birthay from Gail and Nobby!
    May today and the coming year be Veritably excellent.

  3. happy happy birthday to you!!! I love the colors, they are pure energy and power (this is needed today here)

  4. Very bright Orange Yam-Aunty. We adhere to your views in the paragraph starting 'problems come...' and yes we agree the one sure thing in life is change.

  5. Today your birthday? Happy Birthday from us too. Furrings and purrings Mr T and F

  6. Happy Birthday. Have a wonderful day

  7. Happy Birthday. there is one paragraph that fits Trump perfectly... also fits most politicians
    t is VEXING, though, how often those with self-centred personalities end up at the top of the pile. Those with repeat offences of obfuscation, VERBAL jiggery-pokery, VOID of logic, and shameless in these acts.

  8. Happy Birthday, YAM-Auntie! We hope you have a most wonderful day.

  9. The last sentence is pretty hard for a gal like me who plans, organizes and wants to know exactly what is gonna happen next. LOL BUT as I've matured I am so better.
    Happy Happy Happy Birthday YAM
    Hugs Cecilia and Bryan

  10. Dear Yamini, wish you a very happy birthday. "Jivet Sharadah Shatam" God bless you with the choicest of the blessings, today and always.
    Today's art work has all my favourite colours and the very hypnotic, calming, symbol and sound of cosmic energy, OM, the only truth that exists in all dimensions, one which has no 'expiry date'! Very vibrant, very energetic image. I loved it a lot :)

  11. The only thing constant...is change!
    Happy Birthday!!
    Rosy, Jakey & Sunny

  12. I was reading on my phone yesterday and was unable to comment, so Happy late birthday and many more.

  13. How rude of me to miss your birthday. May your life be blest with many more decades of happy birthdays. namaste, janice xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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