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Menoizikul; Midweek Musicalisms

The third offering of Jerusalema comes to you courtesy of the Georgian Dental Association and Root Specialists. It is notable that the bulk of this group are women. I liked that the Gardai used some Irish dance moves in their vid - Aussies don't really have a style (though they might have used some Corrobboree...); anyway, here the Georgians do fit in a little of the traditional foot and arm moves!


  1. Such joyful moves are not normally associated with the practitioners of root canal work...
    Cheers! Gail.

  2. amazing... thsi is a kind of magic dance.. it brings people together ;O)

  3. YAM I have happy happy feet and I might be shaking a tail feather. I LOVE THIS and wish I could move like that
    Hugs Cecilia

  4. I am with Cecelia, in wishing I could do this, i can't follow the steps but I can and will step my own steps, its hard to sit still with this music. I have saved these in my excecise play list on youtube. I LOVE IT!!!


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