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Menoodlin; Making Do With Weather

Last Thursday, Aitch arrived for another visit. This had been planned six weeks earlier around our intention to attend an evening recital over at Kilmun, with the water organ we had learned about during her last visit. 

However, during that time, the picture had changed in matters of COVID and its risks. It is on quite a rapid rise again in the UK, but it seems that this time around, Scotland is bearing the brunt, with this week's figures showing a 1:20 R rate. We both readily acknowledged we did not wish to be in any enclosed spaces in proximity to others. Particularly as we had both known of others already infected (although not in contact ourselves). All a bit disconcerting, but really, it had to come, as so many were far too ready to drop all the precautions and mix and mingle again. 

Anyway, we adjusted our expectations and planned a simple, relaxing, take-it-as-it-comes time together. Much, as you will have learned by now, is dependent on the weather. Thus, on Friday, we were glad we grasped the time to go out and about, for the temps were almost tropical (well, hovering around 20'C/68'F), a little humid with a nice breeze. Mind you, it was a stretch for this old bod! The round trip was close to four miles on hard paving, and I was slightly regretting not breaking out the rollator instead of just the stick. The outing was in search of a geocache at the town cemetery, which I had never visited and hadn't even realised where it was, despite passing it often. We went out along the top road at the back of the town, which is mainly flat walking at least. Then downhill a bit only to discover the gate at that side was locked up. We had to walk along the main road for a while and down past the recycling collection point to get to the gates. Once there, Aitch quickly found the cache and then we sat for 20 minutes enjoying the peace of the place. Aitch was a tad concerned for me and offered to return for her car to come collect me - but I stuck it out and am glad that I did. There's no question the last half mile was not comfortable on the old bones, but part of that trouble is the very fact that life is so very static for me these days. 

There was plenty of time to recover over the rest of the weekend - because the weather reverted to situation normal; cloudy, windy, raining and although not exactly cold, certainly not warm.

What to do with ourselves? Saturday the decision was 'pyjama day'. Lots of cups of tea, word puzzles and a jigsaw. Only 500 pieces but cut irregularly and between us, it took 6.5 hours (that's 13 "man" hours!!!) Sunday's weather was only marginally better. We did cart an item of furniture I was gifting Aitch down the stair and into her car (in between showers), but that was the only physicality for that day. The rest was listening to the cricket, doing word puzzles and trivia (and researching some of the answers about which we had some doubts - turns out online trivia can be variable and even downright incorrect!) We did learn a couple of things - though whether we will remember them...

So you get the picture. Just twa auld biddies hanging oot the gither... 

Oh yes, pictures. There are some. However, due to the limited number, I am going to ration them out over a couple - maybe three - Tuesday "LSMP" posts! I'll let you have this one though. Our Sunday dinner; Cauldron Lincolnshire Vege Sausages, peas, mash and gravy. Slurp!!!

Aitch departed on Monday and the rain continued until yesterday morning. It's just the way it is around here.

We were also kept entertained by happenings in the town - and even in the neighbouring flat to the Hutch. Friday and Saturday the streets were busy due to the Argyll Rally running. There was quite the buzz about the town which we could feel, even walking the back streets. There were lots of strangers (visitors) around and parking was at a premium! Even here in William Street. One strange van and its occupants caught my attention as they, it transpired, were staying in the flat across the landing...

On Saturday arvo there was a knock at the door and I was faced with two (very young) police officers wondering if I knew anything about 'the incident' next door. It is a peculiarity of these units that despite hearing everything that goes on in the street and some of what goes on in the floor above, the sound-proofing here is pretty darned good. So my response had to be, 'what incident?' They, of course, could not share info. But let me tell you, there was constant coming and going in that door until yesterday. There has been no sign of the husband or his car since Sunday. The woman (who long-termers may recall was our troublesome neighbour, uncooperative around all things relating to the roof replacement back in 2017 - ugh, I still have nightmares about that year...) has always been odd about not answering her door. On Tuesday, those officers returned and, after forty minutes of knocking and calling, they called for backup and forced entry. I could hear there was much confusion - then that neighbour was finally taken away in an ambulance yesterday afternoon. At the time of writing, I am uncertain whether she is back home.

Such are the goings on in a wee remote town on the inner west coast of this Bonny Land!!!


  1. That's a lot of neighbor news! Your supper looks great. I had mash and peas myself, for supper tonight.

  2. Oh dear, police knocking at the door and asking about goings on in the neighbouring flat brings back traumatic memories of my time living Highgate. A dispute between the residents of the two other flats in the converted Victoian house, which escalated into serious death threats... It is uncomfortable living in close proximity to such matters, even when not oneself involved. I hope the situation next door to you is resolved without further troubles.
    Cheers, Gail.

  3. we hope it ends well for all people what are involved.... what a moment to open the door and to see the police...

  4. Hi Yam - lovely to see Aitch and spend time together. Also glad you managed the walk around town - then the at-home day ... and the fun you had with your jigsaw and puzzles ... supper does look very homey. However the neighbourly travails I hope are resolved and after the sorting out, won't be bothering you any more and a kindly one will appear and move in. Take care and all the best - Hilary

  5. Your hot weather on your outing is what we would call a cold day here. Glad you could get out that day and sorry you missed the organ concert. I did not know the dreaded virus is up again in Scotland. It is up and down almost daily here and most definitely still out there. It seems there is always one neighbor that causes upsets, almost any where we live
    I hope she did not do away with the hubby, sounds like he might have left for a reason with no plans to return. my curiosity kills me when i see police out and about and don't know why.. you reminded me a story I meant to tell, now lets see if i remember long enough to tell it.
    glad you had a good visit, people contact is a treasure these days

  6. Great report on my most recent visit. Hope you got a photo of the bean game. Thanks for the update yesterday, I was at TCR so sorry for not replying.

  7. I'm so happy you and Aitch are 'flexible'. Seems we have all had to learn to be of late. Just today at the grocery store once again I encountered many things I wanted 'out of stock'. I had to make menu adjustments. Arrrrg I am a crazy person I make a 7 day menu before grocery day. I had to come up with 2 nights of change.

    My word what in the world next door is quite a mystery. I do recall the incident with the roof and how fair and organized you try to keep things.
    Hugs Cecilia

  8. Being flexible is the key to happiness! And spending time with friends is more important. Covid - whenever I go out, I wear a mask, its the same with most of the people in town. When we were having our meetings about the elementary school, almost everyone wore masks (except the yahoos who were part of the Freedom Convoy that drove to Ottawa and laid waste in February). I am glad you and Aich had a terrific time. I am thankful I have less to do with computers over the next couple of months. This last weekend was 35 hours over 3 days and my eyes (and brain) were so very tired. I hope to be back commenting on a more regular basis :) Keep being awesome, Barb

  9. Nice to have friends whose visits can be relaxed although we wonder how relaxing all the police activity made things. Ambulance sounds serious - like she might have been lucky the police got involved.

  10. It sounds like you had a nice visit with Aitch despite the change of plans. You will have to check the local news to see if you can find out what the "incident" was all about.

  11. Ah, a bit of excitement at the Hutch. Glad you had pajama time. That is always a good time! namaste, janice xx


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