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Menopuzzling Monday

Welcome back to this new regular feature here at DoWY. No obligation, of course, but by alternating jigsaws with crosswords, I hope that your Monday mornings will be distracted enough by them to feel the week is starting with fun. Here, then, is my second ever crossword compilation. I took the plunge with blacked out squares and everything! It took a lot longer to compose because ain't it just a b****r when that one down suddenly causes the one across to have to be reconsidered... which means the other one down needs to be reworded and then the one that crossed that... sigh... but here it is - have a go and remember that you can use prompts of letters, or solve a word, or check things by using the help buttons at top right. Go on - tell me how you got on! 


  1. first coffeeeeee... much coffee... LOL

  2. Technically You could call me a cheat….you could also call me curious and needed to know what the answers were!

  3. 14 minutes. The miners one took me a while...
    Cheers! Gail.

    1. PS I'm curious to know, can you see who has tried the crossword and how they got on, without us telling you?

    2. Hari Om
      Sadly, no... with the jigsaws I can see if folk are registered with Jigsaw Planet (it costs nothing, but by signing in there, I can see who did which puzzle); but there is no equivalent on the c/words, though I can see how many have completed it. Congrats on your efforts today! (Feedback? okay clues, horrid clues, too obscure...???)Yxx

  4. Replies
    1. I tried a second time, got 3 words and revealed a couple of letters and my head started to hurt and you know what I did... I am just not a puzzler of any kind. I am my daddy's daughter, Mother would do the whole thing and love it

    2. Hari OM
      🤗 that's okay... can't like or do everything in the world! Yxx

  5. I managed about half of it before I pressed reveal!!!

  6. I did not even try! namaste, janice, xx


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