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Menoizikul; Midweek Musicalisms

It widnae be a Scottish music month if it didnae hae a blaw o' the pipes!!! This lass and her hubby ramp aboot the Isle of Skye in the typical weather, but the Dark Isle is actually considered to be Benbecula in the Outer Hebrides, so I am guessing this is just them on their holidays "abroad!"


  1. I love Scottish pipes, Yamini. This is amazing. I am looking forward to seeing some of these beautiful places and listening to thoroughly enjoyable music.

  2. I was going to challenge your assertion that the video depicted 'typical' weather for Skye, until I reached the 1 min 24 secs mark!
    Cheers, Gail.
    PS I spent a week on Skye in the summer of 1982 and the sun shone the whole time. Four visits since then and it's been rain, wind, mist, hail etc and not a glimpse of blue sky...

  3. I can't decide if i like the bag pipes or the views best.. Love this video.. it calls to my heartstrings. My mothers great grand parents came from Scotland, which means I have a tad of Scot in me

  4. It is incredibly evocative, both the pipes and the landscape. I was transported to another realm for a few minutes.

  5. 2 word wednesday
    Absolutely Gorgeous!!
    Hugs Cecilia

  6. The scenery is just beautiful and so was the bagpipe music!

  7. We love the pipes. We enjoyed both listening and watching. The scenery was amazing.


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