Host of Labels

This page serves in place of using the gadget in the sidebar.

Most labels are self-explanatory, but where it is deemed appropriate, an elaboration is provided.

Aitch - a 'sister' friend
ANL Redubs - posts prompted by letters to family from India
Ashram Life

Bertie Boffin - blogpal and country-fellow

Canine Chronicles - stories of the ashram dogs
Crow Capers - posts prompted by watching the birdies

Daily Mess - a heap of randomness
Deconstruction - posts where a large dose of introspection goes on
DIDs - the 'desert island discs' selection

Emm - another 'sister' friend
Etherwobblies - posts on matters techno

FFF - First and Final Fridays of the months contain film and fiction
FFHT - a series of fiction specific to prompts from within the pet blogger community
Filosofee - posts on the deep and meaningful

Irvine and Isaac ; the puppies I sponsor(ed) for their Guide Dog Training
It's a Process - a variation on the daily mess combined with deconstruction and 'filosofee'

Ma'n'Pa - posts about my parents
Menoloopal - a gripe or more
Menolyrical - creativity. Sort of...
Menorise - the Saturday Sayings
Menosukhi Moments - slightly soppy
MenoSundays - the weekly post of insight and Love with the capital 'ell'
Me-Now-Views - the Tuesday Less Speak More Peek posts
MumbOZ 2017 - Mumbai and Australia visit

OoWaC - the Office of Wellness and Concerns; posts with specific reference to the role
OpertnStuffy - Operation Stuffy filled up the bloggy whilst MumbOZ was under way
OZ - all about Australia... for more with specific focus, see also the Wide Brown Land (WBL)

The J's - YAM's pets, Jade Dog and Jasper Cat and Jet the Guinea Pig
The Macs - YAM's siblings
The Maestro - YAM's niece 

USA/Can or use YAM'sBAR for posts specific to meeting peeps and pups in the furs!